Utilising Freetime

What does everyone do in their free time? I have been trying to find ways to entertain myself that go towards learning new things but isn’t directly related to working.

A way to spend time that isn’t straight up wasting time.

I keep a list of projects in and arround the house. Doing something with my hands is much more satisfying than working on the computer.

Meanwhile I learn a lot and be inspired from YouTube channels like these:


I was just going to say something similar. Create something. Make a gift for someone, no matter how small. We all get caught up in sitting in front of our computers but there is a lot of satisfaction in creating something that can be held.

There’s a good chance you will learn something in doing so.


There’s nothing wrong with “wasting” time. We all need downtime. Spending time with a loved one can be energizing and fun even if no new skills are gained. It’s worth taking a look back and removing yourself from the rat race.

But to answer the question: learn to cook. You’re working with your hands, doesn’t take too long, and you can immediately enjoy what you create.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a house to do work around, but I’ll take that into advisement when I move out in the summer. Maybe I’ll try woodworking. That could be fun when I get space!
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I understand that importance of unproductive downtime like laying on a couch with Netflix going or playing some games, but there is a lot of free time in a day. Not all of it can be spent consuming media.

I really like the idea of cooking. That’s a skill that I certainly lack and would like to develop. Thanks for the suggestion! @sotojuan

See if you can get a head start in skills via a community college or some classes offered by some stores or other individuals.

Woodcraft offers classes:

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Volunteer time – with community / religious organization, museum, art facility, or any of hundreds of other places in most communities who can use support from people like you. The satisfaction from lending your energy and talents to others is far longer lasting than entertaining yourself.



I love to waste time. Too many people try to shoehorn ‘productive’ duties whenever they can.

Learning to cook is so important and can be fun if you treat it that way.

If the food style is your thing, I can’t recommend learning to make an asian hot pot enough (edited). You can’t get much more basic than that. It’s great comfort food in the winter time and you can do all sorts of variations, with very little need for ingredients.

Everyone I’ve made it for loves it and trust me when I say I go pretty basic at times.

  1. Read good books.
  2. Exercise.

In my opinion, there are few things that I can do that are more valuable than being active for an hour or two every day. Currently for me that means going for a run every day after work (or a bit earlier in the afternoon on weekends). During those runs I, depending on what I feel like doing, I listen to music, podcasts, or audio books; or I will just let my mind wander over some problem that I’m trying to solve.

If it’s not something that you do for work, and you are so inclined, writing software is a great way to expand your skill set, develop or maintain mental agility, and gain a sense of empowerment when using your computing devices.

Finally, very occasionally, engaging in some (non violent) petty crimes such as light theft or pickpocketing can provide a much needed adrenaline rush whilst also supplementing your income. Having developed a good running regimen (as described above) is very helpful when these endeavours have unplanned outcomes, as they inevitably will.

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What do I do with my free time?

  • look at my phone
  • try to find something I misplaced for 20 minutes
  • repeatedly fall asleep trying to read a book
  • randomly half-deep-clean a neglected corner of the house (how are there so many?)

Just representing the less intentional recreational end of the Focused community. :wink: