Utility for converting Google's WebP images to anything remotely useful?

Anyone have any ideas for a utility that will do this? I often want to grab an image from the web for a class presentation, but Chrome often turns these into its newfangled .webp format, which is completely useless to anything other than Chrome. Any suggestions? (I’m not interested in changing browsers.)

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Can you just take a screenshot?


I use Permute from Charlie Monroe. Works great on Webp image files. I’m starting to see WebP animated files and that causes it to choke but static images are cake.

You should also check out Graphic Converter It’s been around for literally ages and will convert everything.


I use the terminal program ImageMagick, it has a utility called Convert and with this utility you can convert WebP images to any other format. You can install ImageMagick with Brew on your Mac.


Permute is also in Setapp if you use that.

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Finally found a tool that appears to have no Webp limitations. Works with Static or Animated WebP and other formats and it’s cheap

Image Tools +