Vaxed and ready to travel!


tl;dr ISO travel organizer!!! I used to use the amazon basics one but it has grown too small for my growing needs.

So I was looking around the various Relay podcasts notes and haven’t seen any info on travel advice. As the restrictions are lifting and due to having to live in two places at once (Ohio and DC (Both nice, but I don’t recommend both at the same time…)), I am already traveling more and more.

Does any one have any suggestions? I like lots of compartments and preferably hard casing. I would rather it not break the bank but I don’t mind spending more than your average bear as I travel a lot and part of my marriage vows was I keep my wife’s phone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Air Pods charged.

Also any general tips and ideas welcome!!!

I just backed a Kickstarter for a battery pack that can double as a MagSafe/Apple Watch charger, which I’m super excited about, but I still have about 10 devices I have to keep charged when I travel and thats not counting emergency batteries…

Side note: Who is ready for longer lasting batteries??? :stuck_out_tongue:


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What specifically are you trying to organize?