Velop and HomeKit

Has anyone been able to connect their Celop mesh routers to HomeKit? The Linksys app says it’s available and there is an iMore how to showing what you need to do, but the options shown aren’t showing up in my app. Linksys states HomeKit integration won’t come out until the end of the month. Just curious to see if anyone has been able to connect them.

They released the required firmware update, but pulled it. So we are awaiting a new firmware for the Velop units. The updated app is just part of the picture.

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I don’t see any change in the app. Where would I see this?

I believe the app only offers HomeKit once your firmware update is complete

Yeah, and you have to go in and update manually through the web app to get it to work. I don’t understand why they would want to make it so complicated.

My V2 node updated automatically. Once the V1 firmware came out, I waited for a day or 2, then finally resorted to doing manual firmware update on my 2 V1 nodes. It was not that difficult and I wanted to just get it done rather than wait for the Automatic Firmware update.

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