Very few Covid tracking apps yet

I got my iOS update, and went to look at the Covid-19 tracking preference - it says “Not available in your region”

I wrote an email to my MP, and MLA. You might use it as a model to write a similar one to your representatives.

When you write, remember to be polite, short, and clear. Use grade 6 language, not grade 18. Include your postal code, so your rep knows you belong to them. If you include a link to a news site, like I have, try to choose one you think your Rep might agree with in general.


I’m one of your constituents: Name at Postal code

Please work on the creation of a Canadian Pandemic tracking application using Apple and Google COVID-19 contact tracing technology.

Apple and Google pages introducing this technology:

It is very important not to use other technology which will require users to actively keep the contact tracking application running. Other technologies have less privacy focus, and can’t have enough people running them to be useful.

The companies said the new technology — the product of a rare partnership between the rival tech giants — solves some of the main technical challenges that governments have had in building Bluetooth-based apps. It will make it easier for iPhones and Android phones to detect each other, work across national and regional borders and fix some of the problems that led previous apps to quickly drain a phone’s battery.

Thank you


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Where is the independent testing that demonstrates this sort of approach is valid and trustworthy?

Apple and Google did an amazing job creating this system that handles this info anonymously.
To bad they did not take it to the next step and create an app that is open source.

We are now subject to applications using that great system but we have no control what they do with the data.

I highly recommend to either read the entire white paper or listen to the explanation in this podcast where Steve Gibson explains this starting at 1:19hr

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