Very impressed by Sparky Labs

I hope no one minds me adding this unsolicited testimonial, but I am really glad I’ve signed up to @MacSparky ’s new membership offering.

I love the content. It’s so very useful.
And I love the attitude that comes with it.

I started on the mid-tier membership but just upgraded to the top-tier. It’s worth it to me.

Great work David.
Law’s loss is my/our gain.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Not a Sparky Labs member, but I did just use one of the Field Guides today and I can offer a hearty “second” to the attitude part. David does such a great job of explaining everything without being either too simple/obvious nor too fast/complex. It’s very helpful.


Thanks @Clarke_Ching. I’m having so much fun being able to make the labs content instead of writing contracts. :slight_smile:


you do indeed.

twenty characters.

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Clarke - I’m considering joining Sparky Labs - I really admire what/how/who David conducts his life and business - but don’t want to add bloat to my learning resources. Would you be willing to share a bit more about Sparky Labs? Is it interactive, or do you discuss the ideas here? Which tier are you a member of? How does the info compare to any of the myriad videos on YouTube about Mac tech, etc? Thanks.

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