Video (and photo) Archive Storage - How to store vast amounts of data

Hi Mac Power User Forum Users,

My apologies if discussed elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find anything on search in the current forum.

I thought I’d consult the hive mind over an interesting conundrum I’ve been thinking about for the past year or so - how to deal with vast quantities (10TB+) of archived data, without resorting to enterprise-grade equipment (which would be overkill for an individual user).

To explain, I’m a filmmaker and photographer who typically produces between 1 & 4 TB of footage for each project. These of course sit on pairs of external hard drives, which go on a shelf once edited. However, I need a way to retain easy access to the edited project files. At the moment, I have a master hard drive, which I copy only the actual video clips used in a given editing project, usually only around 200-500 Gb a project. I would be interested in moving across to a NAS or similar setup.

I was looking at solutions such as the Synology, as a way of having these files accessible as I continue to produce footage, does anyone have any experience in operating this type of data off a NAS? Does anyone have any alternative recommendations for hardware?

Hey, I’d recommend going over to the forums. Granted I’d be curious the replies here too. This might be a little dated but take a listen to this episode