Video Chat like Zoom isn’t allowing me to select camera or enable audio

On my Mac I was using Telehealth for a therapy appointment. It worked in the past and allowed me to video chat with my therapist which given the current Covid-19 situation has been really appreciated. That said I also ran into the issue when a friend sent me a Zoom request to chat, she could see me I think but not hear me. Also I checked settings and microphone and camera are enabled for Chrome. Thoughts? Should I restart my computer to see if that helps?

While Zoom has been updating the app pretty frequently of late to (presumably) address the security concerns, it has resulted in some connectivity issues with video/audio. I have had to roll back to Version 4.8.4 in order t get my specific set up recognized. This is, unfortunately, a not-too-uncommon situation that others are running into, as well. Perhaps consider dropping back a a couple of versions and see if doesn’t fix your issue. I’m hopeful Zoom will ultimately address what they’ve broken, but perhaps they have bigger fish to fry!

Have you given Zoom permission to use your mic and camera in System Preferences | Security & Privacy?