Video Journal/Diary? (for new baby)

So I currently use DayOne and I love it so much. Only downside is that it doesn’t do video. Is there an app similar that does video journal entries?

Also, the context is that it’s for a newborn (mine). Not born yet but due date is tomorrow. I feel like I’ll be doing a lot of video/voice entries to remember things and log things. Or if you know of a way to do this with dayOne that’d be great too.

Bonus points if I can give access to others to see what the baby is up to, a la Tiny Beans. Or anything alternate to Tiny Beans too would be great as I don’t love it but the email digest is super useful.

Also, something that has a macOS (or even web) and iOS app would be preferable.

This is why I have 2TB plan between my wife and I we have over 900gb of videos / pictures in iCloud. we take an enormous amount of video and photos of both kids.

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Amen to that. Plus we have done a shared album that get the best shots and we can give that link to parents who aren’t close by.

what do you do if your parents/relatives don’t have apple devices?

I use a shared Photos album for sharing with relatives on Apple devices and Google Photos for those that don’t. Fortunately, both sets of grandparents are Apple users (mostly because I’m their tech support and I insisted!). The downside is that I get a bit lazy about keeping Google Photos up to date but I’ll dump big events on there, like Christmas, birthdays etc.

Hubby and I both contribute to the shared album so I get all his good photos and videos and vice versa.

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I was able to get a public link to the shared album. My mom can see the album and she has an android.

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Not quite the exact solution you’re looking for, but we use 1SE (1 second everyday) to make a running video. That keeps it at a manageable length so we can review it easily (she is ~3 now and it is almost 17 minutes long). For sharing we just send a dropbox link to family.

No alternate suggestions on tiny beans - we like it a lot since even our non-tech family members can use it.


You could give capture 365 a try. It’s a genuine journaling-app with macos- and ios-versions. It can handle photo- and video-entries, is able to import day-one-json-files, safeguards your journals with an optional e2e-encryption and syncs them via Dropbox or iCloud.

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It sounds great but has really bad review on the App Store (lots of Day One comparisons). Ugh, just wish Day One did video and this would be a non issue!

Yep, they announced it for their roadmap many months ago and nothing happened. Regarding capture 365 I see some bad reviews as well, but despite some glitches, I got it to work correctly. Maybe my usage-load isn´t big enough so far to discover the rough edges.
Another proposal: MacJournal! It´s capable of handling videos, photos, and audio-recordings altogether and can be used as a diary likewise.

@ziahassan Day One does do video in a way. If you upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo you can embed into a DayOne entry. Your uploaded video can be private unlisted of course.

Its in the ‘appearance’ tab on the desktop version

Thank you!! I could build a workflow to do this fairly easily.

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@KevinC What a cool idea!

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Update on this: I used Google Photos and Day One just added audio… so I keep my reflections in Day One as usual and the photo/video sharing on Google. So far so good. I didn’t use iCloud because my mother in law has an Android.