Video meeting gear

Sigh… I’m not explaining all the troubleshooting we’ve done as a company for the last 18 months.
Eet me just sum it up very quickly: we’re a leading software development consultancy where every employee has a developer background. We’re 180 people where over half use macs.
We know what we’re doing. Trust us.

Genuinely, if you’ve bought an expensive conferencing headset that totally fails to function as advertised, I’d be complaining to the manufacturer…

Except I invoice for three times the value per hour :slight_smile:
We just don’t buy those again. Far easier in the end.

TBH, I’ve found that a combination of the Elgato Wave 1 and EarPods that are both connected directly to my Mac has been great. Currently I have my MBA in clamshell and my mic mounted on a boom arm but that’s because I podcast. Before then, I would still get compliments on my audio quality from guest on Zoom calls. The EarPods were suppose to be a short term solution but they’ve worked really well and with a wired connection, they never drop audio.

Got it on a Black Friday sale at Amazon last night for $50 off. Thanks!