Video or still Camera for my 84 year old father - like a Flip or other camera-only thing

I’m looking for a Video and or Still camera for my Father. He’s picked up a 22 year old video camera and it has no cables or tapes, but he’s interested because it is a single purpose device. He doesn’t have an iPhone or smart phone.

I’m looking for a single purpose big button camera. That is senior citizen approved - not Mac Power User Listener approved - much simpler than that. 1 button to take a still photo, 1 button to begin/stop a video recording is what I"m looking for.

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Oddly enough, an action camera might be a good idea. Something akin to a GoPro. I say this because they tend to have very few physical buttons, but even point and shoot cameras nowadays have a multitude.

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Sadly Flip cameras are no more. I’ll make the radical suggestion not to even look at cameras but just get him a smart phone and set it up deleting/hiding apps he doesn’t need. The problem with all cameras out there is that not only are they not simpler than the phone but they are also more difficult to use because you have to get the pictures/movies off of the cameras and typically onto a phone anyway. If just a still camera function suffices, you might consider a Jitterbug Smart phone.

A Canon PowerShot Zoom might be worth looking at, from what I’d seen of them it sounds like it meets your requirements.

And they have a “dumb friend” mode where you can disable all functions so that only the record button works.