Video switching and creation questions

Hello Mac Power Users!

An appeal to all of you who do videos (live, produced, hybrids…).

EDIT: Also happy to hear how you would do the effects in the attached video! ManyCam? … Just heard of that due to another post. THX!

I want to do some of the (very simple) things I’m seeing online (for various projects).

The biggest one is I’d love to know what gear and software combo this guy (below) is using to control his camera feeds and even FB reaction posting.

How could I manage two video feeds like this to zoom out, show both and zoom between (switching in-and-out between them)?

Camera switch/zooms at :20 and :47 so you can see what I’m talking about in about a minute!

I’ve messaged him; but nothing back yet. It’s a popular show. The one I chose is one of the more boring videos (ok, who am I to judge?); but it shows what I want to do very quickly.

I don’t even care that much to have the comment interface. That would be too much to manage right now anyway. The comment interface in the first 20 seconds (:14) and around :38

My other question is even simpler.

Any idea what they used to very nicely add in the dogs’ reaction comments?

I have some screen-show editing software (one even recommended on the show) and it’s not that slick.

I have at least two camera sources and a MacBook pro. I imagine the solutions I would be looking for would combine hardware (to get the video into the MBP) and software (he was talking about hitting “5” to change the screen). I have an older MBP but might upgrade soon.

Did I mention that I’d like to do this on a budget? :wink: … I could tinker w/ a PC/tower and add some video input cards, if that’s easier; but my normal purpose is to try doing everything on my Mac(s).

Thank you!


P.S. If you hadn’t seen that dog video; you’re welcome! I love it!!

Chris has a playlist of videos detailing how he puts together his videos and streams.


Thanks!! @bowline! … The first one is a bit long; so far, but I’m playing it in the background now and whenever they “fiddle with gear” I stop and go back! :smiley: