Videoconference stuff for shrink

I am a child psychiatrist who as of this week have been instructed to transition to virtual visits. Looks like we’ll be using Jabber for healthcare and Zoom for staff meetings. Knowing this group I thought it might relieve someone’s boredom to recommend videoconferencing gear…

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  • Get a good quality audio headset to reduce/remove background noise. I use a BlueParrot B250.
  • Run your computer through hardwire ethernet rather than WiFi. Use at least a Cat5e cable if not a Cat6. Download the SpeedTest app to test your speed in various connection setups.
  • The built-in camera on a MBP is sufficient. Otherwise a reasonable 720p camera is sufficient. Don’t worry about the audio of the camera when you have a headset.


I use a Jabra 510 mic/speaker, which according to my students has made a massive difference to the audio of my meetings. I really dislike wearing a headset, and this is a great alternative.

As a bonus, it’s also ideal for interviewing and doing conferences with several people in the room.

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