Voice Control Dictation doesn't leave blank space before words/phrases in"quotes."

When I use Voice Control dictation and want to include “quotation marks,” dictation does not include a blank space before the first quote. I end up with something like"this". Is this a bug or is there a correct way to dictate quotation marks in order to get a blank space to appear before the word/phrase I want in quotes?


@gkgriffith It’s been a while since you posted this, but perhaps you’re still looking for a reply?

I’m assuming it is a bug. I have it too and haven’t found a way to dictate it differently so that we get the required space.

Workaround: make an applescript workflow in automator that performs a space followed by a quote sign followed by another space (to confirm the quote sign, it doesn’t actually add a space).

You’ll have to allow your system to accept keystrokes from the automator. I’m fairly new to MacOS (my expertise is speech recognition) and I find Catalina… overly protective.

Anyway, then you can create a new command in Voice Control called “my quote” and tell it to execute the workflow.

Remember that this is a command, not dictation, so you’ll have to pause briefly before and after saying “my quote”.

Hope this helps and happy dictating!