Waiting for the iPhone Xr?

Listening to John Gruber’s The Talk Show #230 guest Nilay Patel — Their conversion got me wondering. How many of us are waiting for the iPhone Xr?

I’m holding out for the iPhone X🇹! LOL

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I’m in the iPhone Upgrade Program and I’m holding out for the Xr. I’ve been on the program for a couple of years and honestly, I sometimes think it’s not the smartest thing. But I think that if you get a phone every other year, it makes sense to do (correctly me if I’m wrong).

I don’t think I can ever justify a $1000 phone. Paying $40/month forever seems absurd as well but I do it. 6 months ago, while I was on the mindset of minimizing my phone use, I thought about getting something like the SE but I squashed that idea pretty quickly.

I have no issues with my 8Plus and quite honestly, I could go another year with it and then maybe go with one of this year’s model next year to save some cash.

If it were a choice between the XS or the XR I’d probably get the XR. But I have a 6S Plus and love the screen, and want to play with the XR. Despite its having a larger screen than my Plus it has fewer pixels (XR: 1792x828, 326PPI; 6S_Plus: 1920x1080, 401PPI).

So I’m likely to end up with the XSmax (2688 x 1242, 458PPI) to get the luxury of additional screen estate. If it weren’t for that I’d probably learn more strongly towards the XR.

The XSmax has more pixels than my old iPad Mini, and I’d really be interested in seeing if I could use it as a Wacom_Cintiq-like display when connected to my iMac via an app like Astropad Studio or Duet Pro.

I’m waiting on the XR!


I’m waiting for the XR. I’m good with the compromise between LCD and OLED, my only question is whether I’ll miss the telephoto lens. I went from 6+ to 7 (current phone), so I’ve never had a telephoto lens anyway, but I wonder if I should want one…

Only question(s) have dominated my buying choices. I still wonder if my 10.5 pad is the right one. Mind, I happily use it throughout my day.

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This year, in particular, is an embarrassment of riches. I feel like there is no wrong choice and the cost of the XR is very compelling given the relatively minor sacrifices compared to the XS.

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I’m waiting because I haven’t decided between the XS and the XR. The price difference is enough that I want to be able to look at them side-by-side and hold both. The one thing that has me a little unsure is, for me, the XS is already on the large size so I’m a little hesitant about the slightly larger size of the XR. I’m not worried about the difference in screen quality because this will be an upgrade from a 5S, so its bound to look fantastic by comparison.

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+1 on waiting to see how the XR display holds up.

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I’m not a display aficionado by any means, so I appreciated that Siracusa discussed this in a recent episode of ATP. He made it sound like there are many ways in which LCD can be considered superior to OLED. Left me feeling like maybe that’s not as big a trade-off as I originally thought.

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Siracusa is also notoriously averse to (spending money on) new technology. There are always tradeoffs for any screen tech, but all it took for me to decide on the Max was to put up the backlit LED screen of my 6S Plus against the Mac, and look. The OLED was brighter at all settings (which surprised me, since I’d once read that LED was brighter than OLED), it was more vibrant, and it was contrastier, it was sharper.

I would think it depends on how much you need/rely on the AppleCare component. I do not think that holding on to the phone for two years (getting a new one every other year) is the best use of the program. That essentially has you pay for the entire phone. Granted, it’s yours then, but you end up paying more per month than you would getting a newer version. I got into the program in June 2016 because I had to replace my previous phone. Then, got the 7+ in June 2017. The only reason I have it still is to hold out for either XS Max or XR (still deliberating). But aside from holding out for those phones, it would have been cheaper to upgrade to an 8+ and, I believe, an X right when June 2018 rolled around.

This is right about where I’m at. I want to walk in and see if XS Max OLED blows my mind and/or if XR LCD makes me cringe.

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I reread my post and it didn’t make sense. It was a typo. Sorry. Holding onto the phone for two years makes no sense whatsoever. It’s only worth it if you upgrade every year. That’s the whole point. The AppleCare Is worth so little if you hold your phone for two years.

Yup! There’s enough difference in the price point to make me have to check otherwise. As my husband says, I’m cheap (I say I’m frugal).

Meanwhile, my 5S is dying by inches. In the past month I’ve lost the camera function and bluetooth is cutting in and. out.

I don’t think this is a fair comparison. I expect the XR display to be superior to that of the 6S.

I’m also undecided. My iPhone 7+ is still working like a champ. In the past, I upgraded phones because my current phone was getting long in the tooth, or because my kids needed a phone and I treated myself to an upgrade and gave them my old phone.

I am buying a new Apple Watch with cellular. Is it just me or does it seem a little crazy to get an Apple Watch so you can be less tied to your phone and also drop a $1000+ on a new phone? If you have the cash there is nothing wrong with that of course, but these things are getting seriously expensive!!!

I haven’t made my purchase yet, but I don’t imagine that the display will be much different. We’ll see!

I am going to upgrade my iPhone 7 to iPhone Xr, I like yellow color, it looks really cool!

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