Waiting for the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide



Did I hear correctly in a recent MPU episode that @MacSparky is working on a Field Guide for Keyboard Maestro? And that said FG would be released in November? I hope so. I just recently started using it and I love it so far, even though I find the interface overwhelming (I’d love to get my hands on that UI design).

I have a question if anyone know if this can be done. I have a daily standup video call at 10:30 Monday-Thursday and every other Friday. On the other Fridays we have a different calendar event at the same time that has a different Hangout URL.

I have 2 Macros that will open a URL in Chrome at 10:30am for my daily standup Monday -Thursday,
but don’t see a way to set and every other week event for the Friday stand ups.

I have a separate macro to open the URL to my Check in meetings on Friday, but this one opens every week and I am in the hangout by myself for a few minutes before I realize I have the wrong link.

I’m sure there is a work around and if anyone can share a suggestion, I am all ears. Thanks!


You definitely heard correctly that there is a Keyboard Maestro field guide coming. (I don’t remember when he said it was coming, though.)

As far as your calendar question goes, I think we can solve this by using http://hasseg.org/icalBuddy, which is a free little tool for getting calendar items.

It has a lot of ways to restrict its data pool (see man icalBuddy for help there), but just as a starter, I would do something like this:

icalBuddy --excludeAllDayEvents --includeOnlyEventsFromNowOn eventsToday

which gives me this

• Phone Catherine  (Tracey)
	2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
• Ethan Guitar Lesson (Family)
	location: 32 Plattsburgh Plz
	Plattsburgh NY 12901
	4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
• Interfaith Prayer Service (Tj)
	location: 1 Bowman St
	Plattsburgh NY 12901
	url: http://www.bethisraelplattsburgh.org/
	7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

As you can see, there’s only one event with an URL. I could also restrict it further by limiting which calendar it was using. For example, this will restrict the output to only events on the ‘(Tj)’ calendar:

icalBuddy --excludeAllDayEvents --includeOnlyEventsFromNowOn --includeCals Tj eventsToday

which gives me this:

• Interfaith Prayer Service (Tj)
	location: 1 Bowman St
	Plattsburgh NY 12901
	url: http://www.bethisraelplattsburgh.org/
	7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The only real drawback to icalBuddy is that it’s relatively slow, but I think if you used Keyboard Maestro to run the appropriate icalBuddy command a minute or two before your meeting on Friday, you could do something like this to pull out the correct URL:

icalBuddy --excludeAllDayEvents --includeOnlyEventsFromNowOn --includeCals Tj eventsToday \
| awk -F' ' '/url:/{print $NF}' \
| head -1

(For those who aren’t familiar with these shell commands: the awk line tells it to get the last ($NF) piece of info from the line that matches url: and the head -1 stays “just show me the first matching result”.)

For me, the above command shows this:


So, if I wanted to put that into a variable, I would do this:

URL=$(icalBuddy --excludeAllDayEvents --includeOnlyEventsFromNowOn --includeCals Tj eventsToday \
| awk -F' ' '/url:/{print $NF}' \
| head -1)

which would assign the variable $URL to the, well, URL. If I wanted to open that URL in Chrome, I could then add this line:

open -a 'Google Chrome' "$URL"

Putting it all together as a script that you should be able to use in Keyboard Maestro:

#!/bin/zsh -f

	# replace 'Tj' with the name of the calendar you want to use to look for events

	# set this to whatever is right for your Mac, or just use this, it should be right for most

	# assign the URL variable, using the "$CALENDAR" variable we assigned about
URL=$(icalBuddy --excludeAllDayEvents --includeOnlyEventsFromNowOn --includeCals "$CALENDAR" eventsToday \
| awk -F' ' '/url:/{print $NF}' \
| head -1)

	# open the URL in Google Chrome
open -a 'Google Chrome' "$URL"

# End of script

Set that to run in Keyboard Maestro every Friday at 10:29 a.m. and I think it should solve the problem.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Wow! Thank you. I am excited to try this out!


You’re welcome! Writing shell scripts is the closest thing I have to a super-power, so I’m always happy to whip one up when I can. They make Keyboard Maestro (and Hazel) infinitely more powerful.



Think it’s due Jan, there is another free field guide in November but he didn’t / wouldn’t say what it was other than Katie had indirect input.


Then November could be a Memoji field guide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Working Title: “How Field Guide to Annoying @katiefloyd”!


Yes … KM will be in January. The November one is a fun one that is something we’ve had fun with on MPU and it will be free.


I’m thinking more along the lines of the Bear app or something that has to do with note taking. Katie doesn’t enjoy him talking about what app he’s using for writing or notes generation. That’s just my guess!


Anxiously awaiting the KM Video FG and will buy it when released. In the meantime, one of the intriguing references DS made was how he uses KM to autofill certain legal forms (I think he referenced contracts or legal pleadings) and I would appreciate any help or reference that could be provided for such use case. As an attorney myself, I would like to generate a series of standard pleadings filed in most every cases by inserting the case style (case name/number), etc. I have searched the KM forums, but have not had much luck finding this so far.


It’s alive!


While Keyboard Maestro can do many things for you, it cannot wrap presents.

(I’m tempted to file a bug report now.)


Well it can, if you make the concession that files are the gifts , and zipping them is akin to wrapping them. Other than that, I believe someone said that KM can’t wrap gifts. :slight_smile:


Keyboard Maestro is truly omnipotent! :smiley:

Search Google on Keyboard Maestro and wrapping

Open top hit: https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/macro-wordwrap-text/5993

Download macro… and run and enter the thing to wrap:

And… :tada:


Has anyone heard when the KM Video Field Guide may be released? (anxiously awaiting its arrival).



Ditto! I’ll buy right now if it helps spur development. I know I’m barely tapping the power of KM and really want to leverage it to its full extent.


It’s been a little delayed from it’s originally planned release, but David is hard at work on it!