Waiting on M1X MBP

Anyone else here waiting with bated breath for the new MacBook Pro announcement? I’m probably going to trade my iMac 5K and MacBook Air for a 16" M1 MBP. It’ll be nice to be back to a single machine again, and I think the 16" screen will be a good tradeoff for screen size vs mobility.

Any day now Apple…


My 2012 Retina MBP is getting a bit long in the tooth and unlike the last year and a half I’m actually going on trips where I need a laptop, so I’m eager to see the rumored 14" MacBook Pro.

I am; I plan to purchase the MBP 14" assuming the rumors are true.

Yep. My work machine is at 73% battery health.

I’m impatiently waiting. Just can’t decide if I want 14 or 16”.

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a windows gaming pc and macOS in a VM is actually starting to look good now.

Yes, hopefully a 14” MacBook Pro - to replace my old MacBook 12”.

OK, I feel bad now, I am looking to replace my 2016 Macbook pro with the new 14inch model, not that there is anything really wrong with it :flushed:

You can have my place in the queue if I can have your MacBook Pro! :blush: