Waking Mac up & running Bbedit Grep searches & Stable Diffusion from Ipad?

I’d like to run some Bbedit grep searches and do some prompts in a Stable Diffusion desktop client from an ipad across the room. Also, wake the Mac up from a distance, but this seems especially hard to find or non-existent because of security concerns maybe.
I’ve searched the ios app store before and there were a lot of apps that promised ability to access a Mac from ipad or iphone and fell short. Is there anything good anyone is using to wake and access a Mac like this from ios on the same wifi network?

You could use an ssh client like Prompt2 to log in, then use zsh commands to run things, potentially including AppleScripts if you needed them.

Some discussion here about “dark wake” and working around it, etc.

If wake on lan doesn’t work, you could just let it stay awake with the display off.

Good stuff from Dr Atl, but for a GUI approach, I use
WOL on the iPad, to wake and then (Edovia) Screens
to access. Screens does have the ability to send a
magic packet, but I have found it sporadic.

As an aside, do not forget your network path length!
In that, there (could be) switches, routers and access
points that might need to be configured to pass WOL.
Not all devices do.

For this part, and assuming “a distance” means beyond your Wi-Fi network, have a look at tailscale.

FWIW I have switched from Screens to Jump Desktop as I find it more responsive and reliable in general use.

Will try a few of these out this weekend. Thanks for the comments.

Some other thoughts are using Hazel and/or a Keyboard Maestro. You can do things like using ssh to connect, then create a file somewhere that Hazel can watch for, and thus trigger an action.

Hmm. I just remembered that Keyboard Maestro has remote triggering that might be helpful.