Want a pile of letter-sized Levenger paper?


I’ve been using the Levenger disc system for about a year but over the last few months, I’ve moved to punching my own Rhodia A4 paper and it has spoiled me rotten. Now the Levenger paper feels like sandpaper to me and I’m, officially, insufferable.

I’ve got a pile (about 5 linear inches) of various types of Levenger letter-sized paper. It’s generally a mix of lined and dot grid. Levenger paper is expensive and I can’t bring myself to simply recycle it. If there is anyone out there using the Levenger letter-sized disc system, I’m happy to mail it to you for the cost of postage. First one to reply here can also send me an email at david@macsparky.com with your address and I’ll send it off.

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I love Rhodia notebooks and the paper is as you describe! Are your sourcing loose Rhodia A4 paper from somewhere? If so would you mind sharing that source David? Thanks!

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Tempting, I’ve never succumbed to the disc system though. I still use a lot of Levenger paper but mine is all either 3 hole punch or no holes at all.

I’m waiting to finish it all before I go off in search of better paper like Rhodia. Like you I will get suckered in so I am resisting for now.

If no one else claims it I will take one for the team and volunteer to use it all up. :innocent:

Once you go into the high-quality paper, especially with fountain pens, it’s super hard to go back, right???

I’ve just been getting it through amazon … right here.

The quality is good enough that I can write on front and back with a broad nib pen and get no bleed through.

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Yup. Though I haven’t gone what you’d call “full-Hurley”. I have a nice pen with just the nib that I like and this Rhodia paper does the trick nicely. I’m not super tempted to keep looking since I think I’ve found my thing.

Also, with the ring system, it is very easy to pull out paper and scan it into goodnotes.

@MacSparky: Does this have to fit into a levenger binder, or would pre-punched 3-hole or 4-hole pads make your life a little easier?

@MacSparky That’s the beauty of the pen/paper world. It can be whatever you want it to be. I don’t have a huge collection myself, and only use a few different types of notebooks depending on my mood. If you found what works for you, that’s great!

Have you ever said what you write with? I can’t recall — mind sharing your pen of choice?