Want to get more home automation, suggestions please!

Hello I am wanting to buy the following that would connect easily to the Apple Home App. What devices do you suggest? I am new at home automation so if there are some excellent articles I should read I would appreciate URLs.

  1. Flood lights. Want to have motion detection plus on and off on schedule or at sunset and bedtime. Presently have no flood lights so I will have to have electrician install.

  2. I have a wemo mini but it isn’t not playing well with Apple Home. Can’t seem to connect it. Should I take this back and get something better?

  3. Door security camera?

  4. Any way to connect my present garage door opener to an app so it works with my phone?

  5. I already have a Nest installed.

Any other highly recommended devices?

Also is Amazon the best place to order these, or should I get at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc? I’m thinking Black Friday would be a great time to buy so ny suggestions would be appreciated.