Warm, dead iPhone 11 Pro

My phone was fine when I woke up this morning.
A few hours later it was warm and unresponsive.
When I got to school, I did a hard reset (vol up, vol down, hold side button), and it reset.
It did boot, battery at ~50%.
Now it is connected by cable, charging, but not showing up in Finder.

Genius bar? Other advice?

Is it functional now it’s booted?

If you want to try an solve it yourself, I make sure your iCloud backup is up to date and try a DFU restore. I that doesn’t fix it, definitely Genius bar.

@Wolfie Yes, functional, but not showing up in Finder.

@rlamarch Thanks. Giving it a try…

I would do a regular restart. I know you did the hard restart, but it’s hard to know what state got preserved in that process. A controlled shutdown and reboot might fix things.

Does it charge when connected to the Mac? Did it prompt you to trust the computer?

In the Finder preferences under Sidebar, show CDs, DVDs, and iOS Devices was turned off. I must have turned it off not realizing iOS devices were lumped in.

I’ve done the DFU restore from cloud, waiting for sync to finish so I can backup to my laptop. Only 24G is used at the moment, whereas it was 114G before the restore. I hope the sync will fix that.

I think I’m back on the air…

Follow up: it’s still working. I’ve lost some confidence in it, but I suppose that’s why we can buy AppleCare.