Warning about "bug" in ScanSnap Home, if you use Hazel to refile documents

If you want to change the directory the scanner uses for documents do one of the following:

  • Change the ScanSnap Home folder in Preferences.
  • OR Have the application “Verify and save” specified in the profile.

DO NOT change the destination by changing the “Save destination” in the profile to something other than that ScanSnap Home folder. The reason: if the folder is something else then the file metadata is not saved. Hazel will not be able to apply rules based on file type (“Image” in my case) or the contents of any PDF file (dozens of rules!).

I spent time on and off for several days on the Noodlesoft forum about this before a hint from them led me to the Fujitsu “bug”. I use quotes here because the Fujitsu site seems to suggest that one should save to folders that Fujitsu controls.