Warren Buffet on Tim Cook and the iPhone

Rather high praise from Warren Buffett for Tim Cook and the iPhone:

"If you’re an Apple user and somebody offers you $10,000, but the only proviso is they’ll take away your iPhone and you’ll never be able to buy another, you’re not going to take it. If they tell you if you buy another Ford car, they’ll give you $10,000 not to do that, you’ll take the $10,000 and you’ll buy a Chevy instead.

It’s an incredibly valuable utility. That doesn’t mean it can’t be misused by kids, and Tim Cook cares about that. Everything can be misused. But I think Tim Cook cares about that.

I think that Tim Cook is one of the classiest CEOs. He understands the business and he has a product, which Steve Jobs basically invented, but Tim Cook has managed that company in an extraordinary way."


He did not do to well disabling airdrop in China during the protests!

Sorry but I see Apple as just another corporate entity in thrall to China, it’s just they are better at projecting a certain image.

Product quality is another matter though, hard to fault overall.


His quote is 100% accurate. Looking at you GM EV without CarPlay :roll_eyes:

I’d counter that you couldn’t offer me 100,000 to switch to Android for life


I’d really like to know if GM doesn’t want Carplay or if Apple wasn’t willing to meet GM’s requirements.

“GM said the future infotainment systems will offer applications such as Spotify’s (SPOT.N) music service, Audible and other services that many drivers now access via smartphones.”

Sounds like GM is building their own “walled garden”. Is it possible that there will be a revenue sharing requirement from apps like Spotify, Audible, etc. and Apple said no?

Tim C. should be proud of you for taking that stand. But I’ve been using multiple operating systems, hardware, and software for 40 years. “Show me the money” :grinning:


It’s not just CarPlay; they’re also not offering Android Auto. They won’t be offering any way to use phone apps that are displayed on their in-car screens. (On their upcoming EVs)

Based on that, I can’t see a GM vehicle ever being in my future.

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It appears Ford is doing something similar.

  • Ford has also named Google Cloud its preferred cloud provider to leverage Google’s world-class expertise in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)

  • As part of this new, six-year partnership—and beginning in 2023—millions of future Ford and Lincoln vehicles at all price points will be powered by Android, with Google apps and services built-in

But AFAIK most, if not all, of the major car manufacturers have yet to confirm they are considering Apple’s next gen CarPlay demoed at last years WWDC.

IMO I wouldn’t get too excited until some car reviewers get their hands on a production vehicle.

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Ford is switching from Microsoft Sync to Android Automative; both are the base entertainment system OSes. Unless they announce something, Ford is going to continue supporting CarPlay and Android Auto, the phone mirroring systems.

GM is developing a new OS based on Android Automotive, and it’s not going to support Android Auto or CarPlay.

When I purchased a new SUV two years ago, I ruled out any brand that did not support CarPlay, including Toyota, which at the time did not support it. I’ll do the same in the future.

Seems a lot of people feel that way! I’ll finally have a car that supports CarPlay later this year and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Lightning port connection and voice controls have sufficed in the meantime.

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This sounds similar to (my) Honda, which uses Android at the baisis of its infotainment system but has a CarPlay app/function installed.

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Well on an EV it is virtually a given that you will want to use the car’s built-in navigation so that it can be integrated with estimates of battery range and applicable/available charging stations.

If you want to listen to music almost any car will have generic Bluetooth input to its audio system.

Those two situations likely cover the vast majority of uses of CarPlay.

Have you ever driven a Tesla? Its nav software is fundamental to driving the car, not to mention the entire car runs on the same touch screen. You cannot use CarPlay with a Tesla, nor would you want to do so.

I think that is a good point but I don’t see an EV in my future until we have many many more reliable and fast charging stations. By fast I mean that the time it takes to charge from empty to full is approximately the time it now takes me to fill up at the service station. By many I mean I have no range anxiety when taking a long somewhat out of the way road trip.

As to Tesla, I’ve not driven one. Don’t hate me, but I think they’re ugly—especially the front end. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t count of that being possible for another decade, or two. Right now long range means big heavy battery which needs time to charge. But some are talking about cars with less range which can be charged much faster. Combined with a proper charging network it could result in faster trips.

CarPlay? I want a self driving something that I can hire with an app. I hate driving :grinning:

This would change your mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


Tempting. I almost purchased a 2 year old Corvette in ‘86. But I can probably make better time in my ‘08 Impala because it kind of fades into the background.

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CarPlay Maps takes battery information from your EV and shows you routes that factor charging. Maps without CarPlay could be better in this area, but at least you can use Add Stop to find stations that are along the way.

Tesla owners who really care about trip optimization use tools like https://abetterrouteplanner.com/ anyway.

It it does not speed up charging. :low_battery:

I consider my car one of the few refuges from non stop bombardment of news and information most of which I either do not need or can do anything about.

I restrict incoming calls to my partner, rarely have music and do that very old fashioned thing, think. I do not have car play have no desire to have it and yet despite what Apple etc will tell you I feel a reasonably complete human being

I have driving one and I absolutely would want CarPlay. I wouldn’t want it for the navigation or to supplant any function that is already offered, but having a good music player, my podcast player, and my audiobook player able to be controlled through my car’s infotainment system is not something that I’d willingly give up. There is no reason that Tesla could not offer a CarPlay display app that could occupy a portion of its screen.

I’m not saying that you would have to want it, but I would and so do the (admittedly few) people who I know who own Teslas.

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