Watch OS 7 Workouts Stops Overcast Playing

On WatchOS 7 if I start a workout the beeps stop Overcast playing on the phone. Likewise, the “you met your exercise goal” beep has the same effect.

Any corroboration / cure / explanation?

(Overcast is the latest beta.)

I think that this did not happen to me yesterday, but I’ll watch for it more carefully today and let you know. (watchOS 7.0, iOS 14.0, current production version of Overcast)

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It worked for me yesterday. iOS 14.0, WatchOS 7.0, current App Store Overcast.

But, I just remembered I stopped Beta testing Overcast so I could pay, and upload some audiobooks and listen to them. is a better place for this.

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Right. I posted it here because it might be more widespread than just Overcast being a victim. (I haven’t tested that assumption.)

I didn’t see it happen during my run today. It’s working as intended, at least for me.

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