Watch OS10 Sucks

It’s still very easy. Just press and swipe as before.

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They have changed my beloved timers app :scream: I’m sure I will get used to the change, but I suspect I will have a frustrating few days as I figure out navigating the new menu.

It’s also probably going to be a frustrating few days not swiping up in order to set the water Lock Screen with wet fingers :roll_eyes:

I’m trying to understand the reason Apple remove these gesture based triggers. Before, you swipe up for the Control Centre. Now, you press the button for it. Were there many cases of reported accidentals swipes that caused confusion when watch face change or control centre appears out of no where? Otherwise, why made such a drastic change?

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Sad to say you are stuck then (at least for this OS upgrade). I think that’s a bummer reason to miss out on the other niceties of the OS this go around. And as others have pointed out, swapping only take a moment longer now than it did before.

I for one am glad I won’t accidentally change watch faces anymore


I happen to like the new watch OS. The rearrangement works well for me. I also have problems with the watch face accidentally switching, so the new interlock solves that problem.

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I am enjoying most of the changes, but this is a huge disappointment to me, too. I know you can press and hold, but swiping was fast. I used faces as an app launcher of sorts, with commonly used apps in complications on faces to the left and right of my main face.


I am in love with the new Watch OS. Finally the watch is able to show data without digging into respective apps or multiple clicks in the weather app.

I have put up tons of widgets for Weather which were generally buried under the weather app. No longer I have to go clicking around in the weather app.


As a 55 year old guy who grew up reading every Peanuts book and watching every TV show and movie with my dad (passed in 2017 at 90 years of age), may I say I absolutely LOVE the Snoopy watch face :smiling_face_with_tear:


For me the biggest issue is they have moved the “water lock” button out of the workout actions, I need this button to lock my iPhone when I’m at my kickboxing training, else I’m pressing buttons all the time with my wraps.

After I installed the beta, it did take me a while to find where they had moved it to. Why they couldn’t leave a shortcut in the workout actions I’ll never know.

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I’m loving it. Finally it seems like the space is being used well. The widgets make it easy to surface information from my most used apps on a tiny screen and my run is a tap away.

Changing the button action was rather daring, but works for me now I’m used to it (I use it all the time for focus mode) and it will be more intuitive for new users.

Finally, the app redesigns were well overdue.

I’ve set up my widgets today and I do think it’s weird that there isn’t a widget for Home, even though it’s a native Apple app. Why would they not build support for their own software “straight out the box”?

I thought I’d cheat my way around this by setting up a shortcut to open Home via a widget, because Shortcuts is supported by widget, but it seems only some Shortcuts are loading as available widgets currently so I couldn’t circumvent the limitation that way. The list of available shortcuts is really random as well - I have a shortcut that has over 70 actions, all related to an iPad task, which the watch is offering as available for a widget, and yet a simple shortcut to turn on a light is not presenting as an option. :thinking: (I have not run the iPad shortcut on my watch, this seems like an insane option and quite likely to crash something!)

I then thought I’d circumvent this limitation by using the app list. I keep my apps on the list view, and previously it remembered where you were in the list (I was usually near the bottom hovering over the Timers app). So I scrolled to Home and left the app list there, figuring that would be the quickest way to access it. However I’ve now discovered the app list resets to the top each time you open it, so you can no longer leave it hovering over an app. Not helpful.

I’d actually love for Apple to just let us remove ALL apps we don’t want, even native ones, from Watch. I only use like 3-5 apps on my watch. All the rest of that list is basically rubbish I don’t want.

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My Series 5 started not lasting for my day a few updates back. So 9.x knocked the wind out of its sails. It was too sudden to just be regular battery degradation. It’s part of the reason I ordered a Series 9. Best new feature… a new battery. :slight_smile:

That one threw me for a while. I have several simple watch faces set up to match my different band colours, which I would swipe across as soon as I changed my band. I used to set up multiple Modular faces with different widget sets, but ended up just using the one set all the time. So yeah, a bit of a pain, but also I used to sometimes look down at my watch and find I was on a different face than expected, so there’s that.

It’s a great bit of fun but I never know what time it is!

For me, watchOS 10 has highlighted something quite significant. Because I have the widget area (including room for 3 complications which… complicates that whole area when setting it up) which is enough to place my frequently used data/controls, it frees me to have a watch face just be a timepiece. And the point this highlights is there are very few watch faces I actually like!

I’ve settled for now on the new Solar Analogue with a matching colour for my latest watch band. I do quite like California, but I cannot put the right colour on the face in the way I want. I want the background to be green, but you can’t just pick any colour for California like you can for Solar Analogue. These arbitrary restrictions seem so… well… arbitrary.


I had this very problem on a run today. Tried to turn on water lock when it started raining and managed instead to pause my workout and turn off my music before finally finding where they had hidden it. It really, really should be where it was in the workout app.

This is my new default watch face. I think it looks great! It’s also dynamic, changing from light to dark during the day.

It’s the only reason I’ve started to wear my AW again. Makes me smile every time I check the time.


I also got a big battery hit with the watchOS upgrade on my Series 4 watch. And I see lots of slowness. But, I, too, have a Series 9 on order, which should arrive in 2 days.


Not a fan of the new OS…Control Center is probably my most used area of the watch. I don’t care for smart stack or widgets.

I am going to miss switching between my 2 watch-faces as easily as I used to. My Exercise One (Activity Digital) and my daily go-to (Modular)

Is is possible to assign the crown something else? It’s seems wasteful that swiping up and the crown are the same action.

I always wonder how does Apple make a decision on changing something like this…I’ve never seen a survey or feedback or anything asking about my experience LOOOOL

I’ve never used it before, but it’s wonderful. Every time I raise my wrist, a new animation appears. It’s fun. :sunglasses:



You could consider using focus modes to change the face, particularly if you change faces based on location.


AW owner since the first version. Currently wearing Ultra V1. I am enjoying the new changes. As others have mentioned, gone are the accidental face changes. The new method is simple. I’m enjoying the move of control center. For me, much more reliable activation.

I still need to explore widgets more thoroughly. In all, very pleased with the changes.

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