Watch Series 6 -- Which One Will you Get?

So many choices. Probably will get two – one for me, one for my wife. Cannot decide yet.

Which one(s) will you get?

Series 6, Aluminum, Space Gray, 40mm for both my wife and I. The series 4 watch diagnosed my wife’s A-fib so we’re really interested in the health improvements, especially SpO2 measurements.


Despite my intent to stick to a 2-year replacement cycle, I bought the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5. I will not buy the Series 6.

No, seriously, I’m not getting it.

Really, I’m not…


I remember you going through your decision process on here last year(?) I believe :slight_smile:

My mom snagged the graphite style online today, and now I can feel my wallet enviously twitching from across the room.

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Good luck with that :wink:

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Stainless steel 44m
Only problem is I have to drive over to Germany to buy it :slight_smile:
Our Telco’s don’t support Apple watch e-sim, so the stainless versions are not for sale here.

Blue 44mm Aluminium ordered. Upgrading from AW3 so looking forward to better Heart Monitoring, the new VO2 for exercising and the fall detection for exercise. Had the AW3 for 30 months so about £10 a month, absolute bargain given how much I use it.

It’s just a shame that my iPhone Carrier doesn’t support Cellular AW.

I’ll upgrade to the 6 at the beginning of next year. Not for features, but to ditch my series 4 for the slowly decreasing battery life.

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I still have a Series 1, which is very slow. That’s also the reason I was never too happy with the watch. But now I’m exited to get the new one, which I’m sure will be a whole new experience.

I already ordered the graphite aluminum 44mm non-cellular, along with the new band.

Unfortunately it says shipping will be in November. I’m in Germany and usually we get the same release dates as in the US. So I hope that date will change in a few dates.

Anyone else here from Germany or Europe that already ordered?

While I assume like the phone, there are incremental performance increases with each model. I update the phone every year, but tend to upgrade the watch every 2-3 years. So far my Series 4 battery is fine (makes it through the day with 15-30% remaining). I am not that interested in the S6 features, but recognize that this is a watch and there is a limit to what will excite me on that front. With that, Did the people that upgraded from S4 to S5 notice a relevant performance bump ?. I don’t really find any lag in my S4, so I am curious if other’s do.

No, I did not notice that. The always-on-display was the dealbreaker for me. I was not planning to buy v5 last year, but I am quite an avid AppleWatch user and it always bugged me not having an always-on-display. I am very happy with my AppleWatch Gen 5.

I will skip v6 this year. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Christian. What about the always on feature that you like so much. I always found it find to just raise my hand to view. Are there real world situations where the always on is a big help ?

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Yes! :slight_smile:

When being in a meeting with a client or in similar situations, it happens that I wonder what time it is (sometimes my “inner clock” is way off and I just want to be sure what time it is). A quick glance at the watch without raising my hand is very helpful and sometimes it is more than enough. The client does not realize when I am looking at the watch.

When I am raising my hand in a situation like that it sends the message that it is time to finish the meeting or that I am bored or whatever else. And that could be considered as rude. :slight_smile:

Another use case is walking my dog on the leash at a busy street with traffic going on and carrying bags at the same time and … and … and … :slight_smile:


I did the same Series 4 to Series 5 upgrade. Being able to tilt the watch just a hair to see something was worth it. It multiplied the value of the watch face for me.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll be getting a 6.

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It’s going to be a while before the Series 6 is available here in India but I hope to get it once it is! I was playing around on the Apple Watch Studio and the filters on top of the store page earlier today and am a bit confused about the variety of options. I get that case finishes are available based on the case material but don’t get how the band type availability works. For example, on the aluminum models, you can get a Braided Solo Loop on the silver and the blue finishes but not on the other ones :man_shrugging: The website says that you can get “Any case. Any band. Any style you want.” but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Am I missing something?

I was attracted by the always-on display last year, but it wasn’t enough to convince me to upgrade from the 4. But the always-on plus the new features of the 6 did the trick.

If I still was using the 4, I surely would upgrade to the 6. I could not resist under that circumstance… :slight_smile:

My wife had interest because of the SpO2 measurements until they said it takes 15 seconds. She thinks that’s too slow (and is slower than the ones that slip over a finger). Nothing of interest for me. We are both sticking with our Series 4 models. But may buy the new elastic bands.


Which is the exact boat I’m in. My S4 is still going great, nearly two years old. Battery life and functionality, all just great. But the allure of an always on display AND a new health gadget might be my kryptonite this year.