Watch Series 6 -- Which One Will you Get?

My brother ordered his 6 the day I started this thread, and he’s receiving it next week. I procrastinated and didn’t place my order until yesterday, less than a week later, and my two watches will not arrive until the end of November. Backlog bloomed up to two months within a week.

I’m getting crazy. Just for the heck of it I did the thing with the print-out again. And now it’s clearly a 7! So I first ordered a 9, then an 8, now I think I need 7. I guess my skin was sweatier last time. That’s really not precise. And you have to make sure it’s printed at a 100%, another source for mistakes.
I guess I‘ll try to get it at a store where I can try the loop first.

Good to know. Does anyone know if it’s better to buy it a little smaller or a little larger if your sitting in between?
(I asked our local retailer but you can get the solo loop only with Apple directly. I could drive to an Apple Store but I don’t want to another city for this.)

Ordered my first today. An aluminium Navy Blue with Navy Blue Sport Band. Looking forward to it arriving next week!

I bought a Series 5 aluminum gold with a bright orange band about two months ago and I love :two_hearts: emulating Dick Tracy! Nothing but praise.

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Okay, I measured once more and it is certainly a 7. So I cancelled AGAIN, now delivery is December. That’s annoying. I‘ll try to see it as a christmas gift …

Delivery/availability date definitely depends on the watch band. My first two choices were weeks away, but I just ordered an aluminum/space grey series 6 with a navy band and I’ll be picking it up in an hour.

Side note: why did I ever subscribe to this thread…?! Y’all are bad influences, but you know that already.


\IMO those low readings are errors and not the value of your O2. I don’t think it its indicator of anything. Inaccurate devices cause anxiety and confusion.

And you are certainly entitled to that view. I also noticed that my breathing (again via the Fenix 6) increased its rate at the same time. And then, with the mask on, very steady for the rest of the night and following nights.

But yes, it’s possibly a gimmick I have succumbed to … :wink:

I get an aluminum Apple Watch and new iPhone every year.

Off topic I suppose, but I just ordered an SE and should get it in a couple of days time :slight_smile:
(Deep blue sports band).

The ECG is not activated here, which is pretty much the sole reason I haven’t upgraded since my Series 2 battery died. It seemed expensive to pay full price and not get all the tech activated. The SE solves that issue, so I bought the moment sales went live here.

I’m really looking forward to running without my phone again. Plus shortcuts. Plus unlocking my MBP. Plus…


The watch arrived last Thursday, almost one week before schedule, which is nice :smiley:.

The jump form series 1 is almost incredible: screen brightness, responsiveness (switching watch faces is lightning fast!) and general usage is much much better (unsurprisingly).

I’m not a big siri person (disabled “hey siri” almost everywhere on my devices) but I find that when is usable (series 1 was a mixed bag, to say the least) it’s quite handy, I find myself using the assistant (telling siri to shazam the song playing in the car — and getting a result - is great :stuck_out_tongue:) and dictation in general a lot more. We’ll see if it sticks.

I like the bigger screen and the bigger faces, again the leap is big.

I’m using it to track sleep too (I used to do this pre-AW era with a withings band but stopped with the series 1): the health app is quite on the simple side of things (and I am confused by the graph) but it works.

The handwashing thingie doesn’t always work, when it starts the countdown is already some seconds in (usually 4-5 for me) so looks accurate; activating depends on some factors: noise and how hard you’re rubbing your hands, sometimes i find myself to be much more deliberate than needed just to make the countdown start. I don’t find it that useful anyway.

Battery wise, with the always on screen, it lasts a day and a night, and I need to recharge it for about an hour or an hour and a half in the morning. I do not use it to workout (I will try it for running and see how it goes) and am not a heavy user, so i might be light on the battery during the day: i noticed that when I’m going to bed battery is around 50%, and a night of sleep drains it another 20%. But it’s brand new, so…

In conclusion I’m quite happy of the upgrade so far :smiley:


Thanks! I’m also coming from series 1 and now I’m even more looking forward to my six.

My Series 6 has arrived and compared to the Series 3, it’s a massive leap. I’m delighted with the speed, responsiveness, larger screen, Siri speed.

I set it up from scratch rather than restore and i think that it was the right move.


Man you’re tempting me…I have the 3 and am looking for justification (excuse) to buy one


I don’t regret it for a second, well worth the money.

Finally taking delivery of the new Watch 6’s we ordered back in September – in a few days. Must have ordered a rare case / band combo since it took three months to get it.

I pulled the trigger and got the blue 6. I really like it so much more than the 3. The screen is gorgeous


I got the Blue too, which I agree looks gorgeous, but I rarely notice it now.

I think that next time I would get Black/Space Grey

My Watch 6 arrived – black stainless steel 44 with grey band – nice.

And the usual Apple Watch annoyance with setting up a watch remains: the ridiculously (for 2020) long, painfully slow process to move data, apps, music from the phone to the watch that is sitting 1" away from it. The data from the phone could round trip to Mars in the time it takes to get it moved over to the Watch.