Watch Weirdness

Ok MPU Fam,

I have a series 6 red Apple Watch. Updated to the most current software.

I wear it constantly, taking it off in the morning while showering (usually after working out) to charge and again for a bit in the evening before bed.

I use AutoSleep to track sleep but it also tracks my sleep in Apple Health.

For the last 2 nights, I’ve gone to bed and my watch says that I’ve “stood” - and I realize it’s not precise calibration - but it’s saying that I’m “standing” all night long. Like midnight on. Every hour. And I’ve had the red ring set to like 500 calories and it’s saying that I’ve almost met that the last two nights as well. So I get out of bed at 5-6 and have most of my “stands” in for the day and most of my red ring full.

I was on the phone with apple care, but got cut off (they put me on hold, I was on there for a while and got distracted, forgot I was on hold, and took out my earbuds and started doing something else, only to realize two hours later that I was on hold and…). That said, they didnt have much insight before the call ended.

Yall have any ideas what might be going on?

Wow. That’s a doozy. I just get credit for dozens of flights of stairs a day even if I barely move.

One day recently, I legitimately got about 1,000 steps and only 4 hours of stand, but I somehow got credit for 11 flights of stairs. :joy:


Yeah. It’s strange. In Apple Health, I can see that it tracked my sleep, but in AutoSleep, it seems to think I was up all night long. I have no idea what the problem is and before the long hold (which I subsequently forgot I was on hold for) they were trying to figure things out as the only advice they had for me was to calibrate the watch by doing a 20 minute workout outside on a relatively flat area… but… it’s like 14 outside right now (Fahrenheit for those not in the US) so… naw… lol at least not for a few days.

I’m not sure if they wear out or what. I frequently get credit for climbing stairs at night in our 1 level house, yet sometimes even if I run around from 10’til until the hour I don’t get Stand credit. I’ve twice set off the fall alarm when I’ve opened doors.

The technology still needs work.

I assume that you’ve recently rebooted the watch. That’s what I sometimes have to do (but no very often) if my Apple Watch starts behaving oddly.


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How many steps have you recorded during your sleep?
What is Apple Health showing? Are you sleeping well, or are you often awake. Are your sleep phases randomly?
You forgot, that you were on the Hold on the phone. Are you tired during the days?
Have you compared the stored data within Apple health, to see wich source is reporting what data?

You may try an other app, like e.g. Sleepcycle

to see if the problem still exist, if you are not going to use AutoSleep.

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I find that if I’ve been sat the rest of the hour, unless I climb a flight of stairs, walking around doesn’t register.

However if I dangle my arm over the side of my desk chair and gently circle it, it registers. I then get up and move around.

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But seriously, the accuracy of the watch (though not as bad as this in my case) was one factor that lead me to just stop paying any attention to it. (Mostly it was the lack of customisation possible.)

However, I do let it track my sleep, which it seems to do a very good job of. I just checked the Fitness app and it does not seem to be over-crediting me on other metrics, and certainly not at night. Mine is a Series 6(?) which only gets rebooted on software updates.

If you just swing your arm with the watch, you will get a “Standing Hour” after 60 swings.
If you circle, you will get also Training-Minutes after 60 circles.

Probably the least accurate of all the watch measurements. I can go for a brisk walk and get credit in my green ring. My brother can be walking right beside me and get none.

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Ok Fam,

Just a follow up.

My sleep is ok… I typically get between 6.5-8 hours. But the odd part was that it was Apple Health showing me active, standing every hour from midnight to getting out of bed and burning 500+ calories.

After going through calibration, I went in the house and simply powered the watch down and back up again. Amazingly, when I went to bed Friday night, it didn’t act up again. Not sure if it was calibrating or power cycling, but… it’s back to normal.




Were you sleep standing, Bigg?

I couldn’t find my iPad Air one morning. I looked all over the place. I turned on “Find My iPad”. I finally found my iPad in the freezer! Safe and sounding.

My dr is a sleep specialist. I coincidentally had an appt with him the next day. I told him my tale. He didn’t miss a beat. I think he’s heard it all before.

I haven’t a clue what was wrong with your Watch. (A gyroscope, maybe?) But I call Apple Care all the time. They don’t put you on hold for more than an estimated fifteen minutes at a time, usually while waiting for a supervisor. That is much unlike utility companies etc.

Lots of continued good luck with your Watch!


Been sleeping ok, not really sure what the watch problem is/was, but it seems to be resolved. Wish I knew what caused it, but I imagine I’ll live. :slight_smile:

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