watchOS 9 "Sleep" glitches

Is anyone using watchOS 9 on their Watch? There is a weird glitch in the Sleep app that records the watch’s time on the cradle, charging, as sleep time. So the Watch now thinks I’m sleeping 12-15 hours a day, since I usually put the Watch on the charger and forget it for a few hours in the afternoon. I assume it’s something to do with the sensors not shutting down when the Watch is cradled.


I haven’t seen this, I charge mine once a day in the evening and it hasn’t recorded it as sleep.
sleep is always recorded fairly accurately when I’m in bed.

I have been using that since the day watchOS 9 was released.

I charge my watch when I shower in the morning and I also charge it at night, but I don’t have a single weird measurement.

Do you have a sleep schedule set?

(Does that have any impact?)

Maybe there’s a sensor issue with my Watch 6. I took a walk today for four hours. I had checked the Sleep app on the watch a while before I left, and it said I had slept 12 hours when in fact I slept for 7 hours. When I returned from the walk (a few minutes ago), the Sleep app said I had slept 16 hours. I was walking with a group of people for four hours on a field study, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a dream or sleep walking!

I’ll try deleting the app and resetting the watch.


I often have sleep recorded while I am driving on the highway.