watchOS public beta. Should I?

Has anyone tried the watchOS public beta? Is it stable enough to try?

Just thinking about that. Though I updated my iPhone to 14, I don’t think I’ll do the watch update to 7, since I rely on all day whereas the phone sits mainly cradled.

Just looked on and the public beta for watchOS is still listed as coming soon.

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The only thing that makes me hesitate is that you can’t rollback to watchOS 6. I put the beta on my watch a couple years ago (iOS 11 or 12?) and the beta on my watch. At that point you could rollback. But it took me an entire day.

This new watchOS is so frickin tempting though :grin:

I’ll happily put a beta on anything I can roll back — so definitely not the watch.

It’s the same with macOS this year.

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I’m running the developer beta, and it’s stable. There remain some minor bugs, but they don’t impact the function of the device.

Perhaps I missed something. MacPaw has an article on how to roll back to Catalina.

And shouldn’t it also be possible to reinstall Catalina from a clone?

Yes but what I’d heard is that Big Sur makes changes to APFS that aren’t backwards compatible with Catalina. Perhaps it was only for installing side-by-side on another APFS volume

Ah. Could be. i have a vague recollection of that issue being discussed elsewhere in these forums.

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I installed the Big Sur beta on an external drive like I did with Catalina last year. It’s fine if you want to take it for a spin, probably not the best solution if you want to use it all the time.

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Public beta for watchOS is not out yet, only developer beta. I’d wait until the public beta becomes available, and see if Apple shares a mechanism to allow rollback.

Edit: After I posted this, I thought about why it was so risky to play with watchOS betas in the past. The installation process used to be a nightmare, what with downloading large files and transferring them to the watch. It used to take ages to install any first beta version, and most people who reported bricked watches seemed to be affected by an interrupted installation process. But now the installation process is much smoother (although still slow-ish at times), with the watch now capable to check for updates directly, without being tethered to the iPhone. Perhaps the risk of bricking is lower these days? :thinking:

I had the same experience. I thought it was out…