WatchOS5, iOS12 and Exchange emails

Hi all

I have a Series 2 Watch and iPhoneX, both with latest OS installed.

Since updating to WatchOS5, my work (Office365) calendar has stopped syncing with my Apple Watch calendar (default Apple calendar).

Has anyone else seen this issue, and have you managed to fix it?

I have Fantastical which is slightly better, but I don’t like the app as in relies on Apple Calendar to work and is always behind when syncing (and annoyingly shows declined meetings).

This setting is taken straight from the Apple calendar setting - if you disable showing declines events there then Fantastical won’t show them either.

The only thing I can think of with your watch not showing events is that something has gone awry with the new MDM profile settings - but if your workplace doesn’t use MDM then I’m not sure what the problem could be. My Exchange calendars are syncing as usual.

My calendar is set to now show declined, yet they still appear in Fantastical :frowning: