Water sensors for home

I want to buy some water sensors, I have a ring system but I can’t seem to find the water sensors anymore. Can anyone recommend a good one? I would like it to have a n app so it can alert me on my phone. Any suggestions??

Aqara make good water leak sensors that are not too expensive and they are also HomeKit compatible.

Please note that you will need an Aqara hub to pair them up with before they appear in the Home app

The Aqara camera also act as a hub as well.

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On Ring’s site, they’re linked from the accessories page: https://ring.com/products/alarm-flood-and-freeze-sensor.

I have them and like them, but I might have gone with Aqara had I known about that brand when I needed sensors. The Ring sensors are a bit pricey.

Thank you, I kept searching rings site for water sensor and nothing was coming up. I now see it and it’s out of stock. Might get these or the other ones mentioned.

Hello, I’m confused do you need a hub or the hub is optional? Thanks

You need a hub. The Aqara cameras act as a hub, or there are also the two dedicated options. The hub links to your home network by WiFi. The black M2 hub can also connect via ethernet. Once the hub is setup the water sensor links to the hub using a technology called Zigbee.

Aqara also make door/window, motion,and temperature sensors. These all connect to the hub via Zigbee.

I like Eve Products as they are HomeKit ready.

I recently bought a Govee water sensor. Ran a test to make sure it worked and no problems. Came with a base station (small wall wart) and three sensors. My base was defective so they promptly replaced it along with an additional sensor.

+1 for Aqara E1 hub and water sensors. Solid product with easy HomeKit integration.

I’ve been using Hubitat Elevation (https://hubitat.com) as my hub as its completely local network and fast. Then I bridge it to Appel HomeKit on a spare RaspberryPi (was using my MacMini) using Homebridge (https://homebridge.io) with plugins for Hubitat, Ring, Memo, etc.

Its been great as it opens up any smart thing (IoT device) that I may want. I just recently got Homeseer Floodlight sensors. I also have the Samsung SmartThings (Zigbee protocol) Water Sensor.

Screenshot of water leak device in Apple Home App: