Way to get calendar event automatically added to a spreadsheet

I would like to create a spreadsheet that has all of my doctor appointments. I was hoping there was a way to automate a process where if I add an appointment to a calendar (I am mainly using Fantastical) that it will create a spreadsheet entry. This way I can add notes to the spreadsheet with what the appointment was about and later when I want to know when and why I went to a specific doctor I can just look at the spreadsheet. I tried setting this up with IFTTT but it is not working. I am not tied to only using IFTTT if there is a better tool or way to get this done. I do not do much with automation so any help I can get would be appreciated.

@macsparky and @RosemaryOrchard talked about calendar automation on Episode 1 of Automators. I don’t think they covered exactly what you want, but maybe some of what they talked about could give you a starting point.

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Thanks Chris. I will check it ou!

Zapier can create an action (a “zap”) where when an entry is added to a Google calendar that Zapier watches, then it creates a new row in a Google sheet, in Google Docs. You’d need to set up Fantastical to access that Google calendar, which is simple, and your “spreadsheet” would have to be a Google sheet.

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This sounds like something that Agenda would be great for.
Basically, it allows you to take notes that are linked to your calendar appointments.


Fantastical currently has access to my google calendars so it should work. I haven’t tried Zapier yet. Do you use it for other “zaps” that you like?

I am not familiar with Agenda. I will have to check it out. Do you use it with anything other than your calendar?

I would like to take certain events in my calendar and put them in a list order by date. Anyone have any ideas? I would like you use an iPhone no computer unless I really have to.