Waytools TextBlade - Interesting <s>keyboard</s> vaporware for phones and tablets

If it works as advertised, this would seem to be the ideal solution.
Has anyone tried it?



ideal solution for what?

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I remember ordering this product. Thankfully, they did refund my money when asked I forget how long after, maybe a year?

Ah, vaporware…


Ah, too bad. Thanks for posting.
I did like this paragraph and line of thinking from the article:

You may think that $99 is a bit pricey for a keyboard, nowadays, but one school of thought holds that buying expensive things can actually be quite ‘green’ (unless precious metals are involved). Better that you should buy a single, high-priced item than buy a whole bundle of less expensive items, embodying more materials, requiring more logistics, perhaps being less durable, and ultimately representing more waste at the end-of-life. Smart consumption (dead link) requires that we understand that cheap stuff isn’t necessarily good for us.

I do have one of these which I love having in my bag on the odd occasion when I need to do some long typing on the iPhone:


This would be a really great solution had I already been addicted to Smart Keyboard on my iPad, lol. This would be a hit for people that need to reply to lengthy emails on the go.

As above, I ordered one. After 2 years of constant delays and rubbish customer service I cancelled. That was almost 2 years back!

Concept is brilliant, company’s delivery of it is terrible!

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I have tried several mobile keyboards over the years. I love this one:

However, after years of pounding on it, it seems to be getting flaky. I don’t know what i will replace it with when it goes.