Waze woes (Siri Shortcuts)

I created a sweet Siri Shortcut, “Headed Home”, that 1. texts my wife, 2. starts Overcast, and 3. opens Waze (deep link: waze://?navigate=yes&favorite=home) and begins navigating.

It works great, EXCEPT, I get “You’ll need to unlock your iPhone first”. I have CarPlay so, when connected to the car, I get “There was a problem with the app”. 1 and 2 will work just fine without unlocking my phone, but 3 will not. Is there a way to get around this? I want it to work solely from a Siri command without authentication.

It’s probably a safety issue, in that you wouldn’t want someone to know where you live if your phone was stolen.

On the other side of the coin, I don’t like that Apple Maps announces my home address when I tell Siri to ‘drive home’.

Right, that’s my frustration. If I say “Hey Siri give me directions home” Apple will gladly pull that up in Apple Maps, Security/safety be darned.

No experience of it but is this the whole locking down the usb terminal thing. If so, it can be disabled in passcode settings.

No idea if that will help but heard it on a podcast.

No, it’s not. I have wireless CarPlay and it asks for authentication even when not connected to my car.