We talk a lot about how much Apple makes on products

Saw this on Amazon, and I think they took a cue from Apple’s playbook:

They’re literally gelcaps with just about nothing in them for about $0.50 each. And they have an app so you can track the placebo pills’ effectiveness over time. :slight_smile:

I love the answer posted by the seller

One takes Zeebo to create a pill-taking experience. What matters are focus and expectations. Zeebo was designed to offer a safe way to explore the placebo effect.

I’m going to sell a MuckBookPro NFT that looks like a picture of a MacBookPro so that buyers have a safe way to explore the MacBook effect. I think $500K would be a fair price for that.


Good on you, helping those poor souls desperately looking for a Maclike observing experience that’s within their control. :wink: