Wear and tear voids iPad keyboard folio case warranty

Edit: clarification, we are not trying to have the keyboard serviced because of the physical corner damage it’s because the keyboard is not working. Button presses sometimes doesn’t register, sometimes it types on it own with multiple characters.

My girlfriend’s iPad Pro 11” keyboard started to get flaky so we decided to bring it to an authorized service center. When they examine the keyboard without even checking for diagnostics, we were told that the wear and tear on corners voids the warranty and we have to pay for keyboard replacement. We were shown an Apple document attesting that wear and tear will void the warranty. We even have an AppleCare with the device along with the accessory. But the tear came from normal usage as she usually carry it in her bag so the corners usually gets teared from other stuff in her bag. When I called Apple Support and sent them pictures, a Product Specialist told us that they will follow the authorized service center assessment and I should follow the option that was provided for us. I asked if since normal wear and tear can void the folio case, should I put my iPad Pro with the folio case in another case to protect it but she couldn’t even answer a yes or no. Have we known that using the folio case as protection and as a case for the iPad we would have bought a sleeve to protect it.

Let this be warning for some of you who are using the iPad keyboard folio to protect it. Here’s the photo I sent them.

Don’t take this as professional (legal or technical) advice but it seem very strange that the wear and tear shown in the pictures can cause any malfunctioning in the keyboard case and should not void a warranty.

Have you tried to talk to another Apple support person? Or to go to an apple store if you have one near you?

I know that you won’t want to hear this, but that seems excessive to be classed as wear.

If I can make an analogy, when you say that the “corner usually get teared from other stuff in her bag” that’s like someone storing an iPhone in their pocket with keys and then trying to use standard wear and tear to get their screen replaced because it’s full of scratches.

It’s fair of Apple to expect an owner to take a reasonable amount of care of the products they own.

Regarding going to another store, the first store will have put notes against the ipad on its systems to explain that the ipad was assessed and that a replacement/repair was refused. So any other store will bring the notes up whilst assessing.

Is the keyboard not working? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but It seems to me you wanted to get the keyboard folio replaced just because it was worn, correct? If the keyboard was non-functioning I imagine they would replace it.

I wouldn’t expect to take an iPhone in with a scratch on it and ask for a warranty repair, but I would expect Apple to service a non-functional iPhone under warranty even if it had a scratch. I think normal wear is not covered under warranty, but it does not void a warranty.


I have a story about my Smart Keyboard Folio that might be worth relating here. After 4 or so months I started to notice I wrinkling on the case. Subtle at first then more pronounced. It occurred in places where the folio touched my skin. Which was most of the case on the bottom where it might touch my legs or where my hands would often touch on the backside when I adjusted the angles or was hand holding the iPad. It got worse. Over the summer the wrinkling began to bubble up along the hinge and then started to flake off. By the fall the entire length of the hinge was flaking off in pieces. It still functioned but looked terrible and the hinge had become very loose feeling. Something you might expect a fabric hinge to do after a year of use.

I took it to the Apple Store in St. Louis and they replaced it. My theory was that the wrinkling was caused by interaction with the oil of my skin. The Apple staff person suggested it could have also been heat. By this time 80% of the cover was intensely wrinkled. It almost looked like a kind of leather. When not in use it was on my desk. When in transport it went into a cushioned sleeve. It was very well and constantly used but taken care of.

In my case I think it was very obvious that some sort of chemistry was going on. I don’t know how wide spread the issue is and I’m glad they replaced it. I think it was clear that I had not abused it but that something strange was happening. Do you see any wrinkling? Anyone else seen this?

One last thought, I think an item that is heavily used is going to show signs of use. If it’s minor and the item is still working well, I would just keep using it. I used mine for a full year and when I finally took it in it looked terrible. I’ll see if I can find the images of the hinge flaking off. Edit to note that at the point I exchanged I could see the underlying material where the connections in the hinges are. Which is to say that in my case it was not a minor cosmetic thing.

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I have this on mine too. It’s right where the power comes in so I have wondered if it’s battery heating or if this is where I commonly hold the folio. I wish Apple would go back to the one-sided option. I thought the old folio was perfect - one flap to cover the side facing down.

Maybe I misinterpreted the OP, but I assumed that the problem was not the wear and tear but the keyboard malfunctioning… :thinking:

Too many keyboard issues for apple in the past years I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

My (original) keyboard case gave up after a couple years. it seems the connection relies on magnets apart from the actual smart connectors and if the case gets slightly bent they go out of line and the connection fails or gets spotty. They can also become demagnetised.

I tried a lot of solutions even running a magnet along the folio connection which worked for a few days but eventually just went back to carrying an apple keyboard along with the iPad.

Take away, I guess I had my moneys worth out of it, but I would not buy another.

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Yeah, with the new Folio Keyboard, at $200 for the 12.9” I expect 2 to 3 years. I mean, at $200 I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect 3 to 4 years. The useable life of an iPad Pro is likely going to be 5+ years. If they’re going to sell a $200 keyboard to go with it it should last given normal use. I also had to have my previous 2017 keyboard replaced after just 1 year.

I think the bottom line is they should last much longer than they seem to. If the current materials are not up to it then Apple should change to a different design and more durable material.

Part of the folio case function is to protect the iPad. By the looks of it your poor iPad clearly needs it. The case is doing its job.

If you scratch / dent your car you can’t bring it back for a new one either… The car is doing what its supposed to do, bring you from a - b and protect you from the elements. Some cars look like new after many miles and years. Others are beat up.

If you want a shiny new looking case you have to buy a new one.

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Nope. Like I said the keyboard is not working properly. Key press doesn’t register on time and sometimes it types on its own. That’s why we wanted it fixed but they don’t even want to diagnose the problem and check instead refer to it’s physical look.

That’s what I did. I called Apple Support and took photos for them.

It’s Apple’s policy not to repair but to replace anything that is broken. If you ask us what we want, we want it fixed. But from what they did, they don’t even want to check if it’s software. Just one look it’s out of warranty.

Yes I called Apple Support for assistance and showed them this photo.

Yes when she insert it in her bag that’s what can happen. Also we’re not asking to have them service the case just because of the wear and tear. The keyboard is faulty, key presses doesn’t register, sometimes it types on its own. Also it is sold as a case, I would understand if it’s the device itself. Wouldn’t you expect the folio case would take the brunt for your device?

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Yes keyboard is not working. I think people thought when I said it’s flaky, they thought I meant it’s the folio cases corners I’m talking about.

This is actually the second time we had problem with an iPad Pro keyboard. The first one was for the 10.5 iPad Pro and Apple didn’t service it since they said only the older iPad Pro keyboard has problems and it doesn’t include the model we brought even though it was the same build. I thought this one has been fixed.

Never going to buy another Apple keyboard.

also thanks for the tip on Apple having a record of the transaction. She’s going to try to see if an official Apple Store in Singapore will service it in February. We get better service on official Apple Store since in my country we only deal with an authorized service center.

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We had reservation about buying the keyboard folio because of our bad experience with the previous one that they also did not replace. I wish there were third-party options back then and since it’s a new design we thought it wouldn’t be as faulty as the previous version anymore.

Also we don’t want a shiny new one if this one is working properly. As a case it’s working fine even with the wear and tear but as a keyboard it’s doing its job poorly.

My second keyboard cover is in pristine condition and is rarely used, but it has failed like the first. I suspect the problem is in the hinge area. It’s annoying.

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