Wear and tear voids iPad keyboard folio case warranty

My (original) keyboard case gave up after a couple years. it seems the connection relies on magnets apart from the actual smart connectors and if the case gets slightly bent they go out of line and the connection fails or gets spotty. They can also become demagnetised.

I tried a lot of solutions even running a magnet along the folio connection which worked for a few days but eventually just went back to carrying an apple keyboard along with the iPad.

Take away, I guess I had my moneys worth out of it, but I would not buy another.

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Yeah, with the new Folio Keyboard, at $200 for the 12.9” I expect 2 to 3 years. I mean, at $200 I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect 3 to 4 years. The useable life of an iPad Pro is likely going to be 5+ years. If they’re going to sell a $200 keyboard to go with it it should last given normal use. I also had to have my previous 2017 keyboard replaced after just 1 year.

I think the bottom line is they should last much longer than they seem to. If the current materials are not up to it then Apple should change to a different design and more durable material.

Part of the folio case function is to protect the iPad. By the looks of it your poor iPad clearly needs it. The case is doing its job.

If you scratch / dent your car you can’t bring it back for a new one either… The car is doing what its supposed to do, bring you from a - b and protect you from the elements. Some cars look like new after many miles and years. Others are beat up.

If you want a shiny new looking case you have to buy a new one.

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I would go directly to Apple with this one. It seems very unlikely to me that this is sufficient to impact your warranty. Get in touch with someone via the Support app on iOS.

Nope. Like I said the keyboard is not working properly. Key press doesn’t register on time and sometimes it types on its own. That’s why we wanted it fixed but they don’t even want to diagnose the problem and check instead refer to it’s physical look.

That’s what I did. I called Apple Support and took photos for them.

It’s Apple’s policy not to repair but to replace anything that is broken. If you ask us what we want, we want it fixed. But from what they did, they don’t even want to check if it’s software. Just one look it’s out of warranty.

Yes I called Apple Support for assistance and showed them this photo.

Yes when she insert it in her bag that’s what can happen. Also we’re not asking to have them service the case just because of the wear and tear. The keyboard is faulty, key presses doesn’t register, sometimes it types on its own. Also it is sold as a case, I would understand if it’s the device itself. Wouldn’t you expect the folio case would take the brunt for your device?

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Yes keyboard is not working. I think people thought when I said it’s flaky, they thought I meant it’s the folio cases corners I’m talking about.

This is actually the second time we had problem with an iPad Pro keyboard. The first one was for the 10.5 iPad Pro and Apple didn’t service it since they said only the older iPad Pro keyboard has problems and it doesn’t include the model we brought even though it was the same build. I thought this one has been fixed.

Never going to buy another Apple keyboard.

also thanks for the tip on Apple having a record of the transaction. She’s going to try to see if an official Apple Store in Singapore will service it in February. We get better service on official Apple Store since in my country we only deal with an authorized service center.

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We had reservation about buying the keyboard folio because of our bad experience with the previous one that they also did not replace. I wish there were third-party options back then and since it’s a new design we thought it wouldn’t be as faulty as the previous version anymore.

Also we don’t want a shiny new one if this one is working properly. As a case it’s working fine even with the wear and tear but as a keyboard it’s doing its job poorly.

My second keyboard cover is in pristine condition and is rarely used, but it has failed like the first. I suspect the problem is in the hinge area. It’s annoying.

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It really sounds as if the keyboard has got bent, this is exactly what happened to me. Using it on anything other than a rock solid flat surface is going to cause it to bend even slightly, and this includes lap typing.

I don’t think this product was ever meant to be used exclusively, it’s a cover 1st that just happens to include a keyboard, and is a very clever but ultimately not a very robust design if not used under exactly the correct conditions.

Just buy an Apple smart keyboard. It will outlast the iPad and is not model dependent so when Apple change the iPad design just because they can you can port it to the new device nil cost.

I’ve switched to using a Zugu Muse case. It’s very stable on the lap. 8 angles. A great, fairly light and thin case if you want to use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad. Just posted a review. https://beardyguycreative.com/blog/2019/12/05/using-the-zugu-case/

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I replaced my folio using the support app. No proof of malfunction was required. I agree there seems to be a systemic issue with the hinge/keyboard and I’m going to get my second one replaced, too, as I really like the simplicity, fit, and the feel of the keys when it’s working.

I’ve been having the exact same issue. Will be heading to the Apple Store soon! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.


We brought it to another Authorized Reseller who handles Enterprise customer and they immediately accepted the keyboard without issue. They mentioned that the wear and tear might be a problem with Apple but they will try to push for replacement. After a few days, we received news that Apple authorized the replacement. It will take about 2-3 weeks as it will ship from Singapore.

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You should, I think you’ll have a better experience since you have an official Apple Store.