Weary of IFTTT, one year later

I am becoming weary of IFTTT. One of my triggers stopped working 2 months ago and I never got a notification. With ShortCuts coming to Mac, I would like to replace my applets with shortcuts. Is it possible to link a Facebook post to DayOne?

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I stopped using it a few years ago as well. I found it to really take a long time to process even simple things. And it frequently just didn’t work.


I have long stopped using it, since their idiotic redesign. I switched to Zapier which is much more expensive but also much more powerful.

I don’t think Shortcuts can do what you want, but maybe Day One has an automatic importer from Facebook.

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Zapier only has FB business related uses. Day one does not import. Sigh. I’ve written to IFTTT–will see if I get a response.