Weather App Preferences?

At the risk of introducing both a very subjective topic and one that has been covered off/on for so long, I will tee it up here, again.

I’ve long been a CarrotWeather user. Just can’t adjust to the new design… I’ve tried to modify to my liking and can’t find anything pleasing. No need to convince me otherwise in this post! :grinning:

For those of you not using Carrot, what do you recommend? I’ve been going in circles trying different apps. Apart from the usual interests with accuracy, adequate weather detail out 7 days or so, etc, I’m interested in clean design. Fewer colors, no cartoon-ish graphics.

I will pay to get rid of ads.

What’s on your go-to list for Weather these days?

I use the stock weather app, it’s good enough for me.

For leisure activities, I use specialized resources/apps.

I use the stock weather app, which connects with The Weather Channel. For my area, The Weather Channel is the most accurate.

Due to widgets I use a combination of openweathermap, system Weather, and Carrot weather (no subscription)

Dark Sky has been a fantastic app for my needs.


On my iPhone I use the stock app; on my iPad I use BeWeather.

I’ve been through a lot of weather apps, but I find that Hello Weather remains my favourite.

The way that it presents information is very easy to parse, and I enjoy the balance they strike between having rich data and customization available without presenting it in an overwhelming way.

I wish they had nicer custom icon choices and that you could prioritize “Feels Like” over actual temperatures in the various views, but beyond that it’s been a reliable and wonderful solution for years now.

The Pro tier is $13/y, which strikes me as very reasonable, and it also has a lifetime purchase option that I happily took advantage of.

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In looking at previous purchases, I have been through a lot of weather apps. I really like Carrot and have for years, but recently had a change of heart paying for the top tier of the app when I don’t need all it offers.

I really want to like Hello Weather, so I am giving it another go. Apparently I paid for a lifetime upgrade at some point :slight_smile: Foreca is the most accurate weather source in my part of the woods, so I tried the Foreca app too. It’s good enough, but I’m gonna try Hello weather for a time.

I totally agree. Hello Weather is also becoming my favourite after dangling between carrot and dark sky.

Same here. Been using it around 7 years and figure I’ll continue until Apple rolls it into IOS. Or kills it.

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A combination of Carrot, MyRadar (for right now situation), and for hardcore weather data. I particularly like the forecast discussion available from the NWS in which the forecaster explains why they reached the forecast they did. + Windy app (iOS)


Well I’m not straying far from Carrot these days. I have had Carrot in the past but not done so full time for years. I am using Dark Sky - I use the default on occasion too.

I am intrigued by Hello weather so will take a look at it. Although I paid for Dark Sky back in 2013 I think and still surfing on that wave even now - not had to pay to update it or anything :slight_smile:

My current favorite is Snowflake Weather by Bjango (the company that makes iStat Menus for the Mac). It is a $5 app with an optional $5 annual for Snowflake Plus for additional features.

I like that it loads fast, includes The Weather Company as a weather provider (best for my location), and is privacy focused with no tracking. Bjango just added a nice selection of weather widgets in the last update.

The one drawback is no severe weather alerts.