Weather app to alert when temp reaches x?

I’m looking for a weather app that will alert me when the temperature reaches x degrees. I currently us the stock weather app because it uses The Weather Channel, which is rated as one fo the most accurate.

Any suggestions?

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Dark Sky. You can set Temp falls below or above X; at any time, during the day, or overnight. But in the settings it also shows a time that you set for the alert. That seems counterintuitive. See pict. I will test to see how this works.

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Thanks. But, after Apple bought Dark Sky I anticipate this going away. Any thoughts on that?

Here is the result of my test: At 10:40AM I set a notification to alert me when the temp was > 57 during the day (my local temp was 57 at that the time). I set the alert time to 11AM. The temp reached 58 at 10:54. I was not notified at that time. At 11AM I received a notification that the “temp is above 57”. This is what I would expect since I had to state an alert time. So this is not what you wanted. You could set multiple alerts for different times. I just looked at ClimaCell and didn’t see a way to set alerts. For Carrot Weather you need the premium plan which I don’t have. Maybe a shortcut would work.

As far as Apple purchasing Dark Sky, I have been using Dark Sky for about 1.5-2 years so I just decided to stick with it and see what happens.

Carrot Weather will do custom notifications if you have a tier 2 subscription. Can do temperature, feels like temperature, and most other data points.

Thanks for taking the time to give that a try and letting me know, much appreciated!

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I was afraid someone would say that. :slight_smile: Man, I sure hate the idea of paying a subscription for a weather app. :grinning:

Carrot is only $12 per year for tier 2. Not a huge cost.

I guess that’s actually not bad. I’ll check into what I get with tier 2. I’d be concerned however, if tier 2 doesn’t give me fats from the Weather Channel. But I’ll check. Thanks for the encouragement to do so. :slight_smile:

I have another question for you. Now that Apple has purchased Dark Sky, do you think that feature is likely to go away in CARROT Weather? If so, it would seem to me that would make the app at least somewhat less useful particularly given the subscription. Thoughts? Another hand, I’ll always have the stock weather app so dark sky information will still come out. So in retrospect, that actually may not be much of an issue. I did check on the Weather Channel. It does not appear to be available As a weather source inane tier of CARROT Weather.

Well, I just gave Carrot Weather a look and considered the subscription. But in my opinion, the stock weather app provides a much easier way to see both immediate and long-term forecast than CW does In stock weather app forecast is for more days at a glance… See below. And I don’t really care for the comments in CW, I certainly wouldn’t pay anything for that. :slight_smile: There are enough snarky people in this world; the last thing I need is a snarky weather app. :slight_smile:


Stock weather app

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You can tone down Carrot weather. Settings -> Personality, then drag the slider from Homicidal to Professional. :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry too much about Dark Sky disappearing, either. They shut down the Android App in August, so we’re past that part of the acquisition now. They were also going to shut down the web app, but they left it running. And they have never threatened to shut down the iOS app.

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If you want the real temperature that applies to you and don’t mind the price, a netatmo weather station with one indoor and an outdoor sensor works great with homekit:

I have the rain gauge too and get notifications the moment it starts raining which is also quite useful.

I’ve never considered that. I’ll check it out!

For the best weather I prefer the source, For real weather geeks, click on the forecast discussion link for your location. Gives the forecasters interpretation of the models and why they made the forecast they did.

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I assume Dark Sky will get assimilated into iOS 15 as a Control Center control or a Widget, or both. I am optimistic it will be better than ever – for Apple customers.

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With Carrot, be aware that some of the features in Tier 2 and 3 are not available in most of the world. Check the features and availability where you are. Check here.

Also, couldn’t you do this with a shortcut, maybe using the new automation feature?


I knocked up a quick and dirty shortcut that will alert you if the weather is above a certain temperature. To automate its running you would have to schedule it in Shortcuts, eg hourly.

Hope this gives you an idea on how to solve your question.



Thanks, I’ll check the shortcut out!

I have this question, too, certainly for a different reason.

I get involved in my work and don’t realize the outdoor temperature went up to, say, 28F. If it does, I can let the chickens out of the coop, provided it’s not too windy, the latter of which I can then figure out for myself.

It would end the drudgery of daily looking on a weather app for the hourly temps, then tell Alexa to remind me at whatever time.