Webinar by David Sparks on contexts

@MacSparky presented his concept on “working contexts”, and how to implement the idea via Keyboard Maestro.

Very good.

David shared a link - Working contexts webinar, by David Sparks


I fiddled with KM when I first bought the field guide a while back. After this webinar, which was fun, I got some useful Ideas and already tweaked a couple of David’s scripts. I intend on playing around with KM some more. Thanx to David and Rose.


Thank you @MacSparky. I just watched the replay and really enjoyed it. Gave me lots of ideas.
@RosemaryOrchard- sorry Mr Murphy messed up your plans but i what can you expect from 2020?

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Thanks @MacSparky for this workshop. I really enjoyed attending this and have been inspired by some of the great advice.

I’ll add my kudos to @MacSparky for a job well-done. This should certainly become a (semi-)regular event. And next time, @RosemaryOrchard can dazzle us with her fu.

Prior to the webinar, I purchased and watched the Field Guide. Highly recommended! If anyone is considering it but not sure, do it. I learned a lot of great techniques and I’ve been automating tons of simple tasks.

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Keyboard Maestro is the second application I install after 1 Password. I have been using it for a loooong time. But @MacSparky showed me some new ways of implementing organizing macros. Nothing in the webinar was out of the reach of a newbie but it also challenged this old dog to learn new tricks.

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Thanks for the love gang. Way more work went into that webinar than you’d think. But now that I’ve done one, expect more, with fewer mistakes. :slight_smile:

I think the next one will be on Shortcuts … ideally a walk through on the iOS 14 features. Now if I only knew when Apple will release it.


Hi @MacSparky, I wanted to share the KM shortcut you inspired me create after the first webinar.
We use MS Teams at work and I find creating a chat tedious so I used KM to create the following macro:

I then duplicated it multiple times changing the name of the person with whom I’d like to have a chat shortcut set up. Using a conflict palate I only need to remember one shortcut and I’m off to the races.
Nothing too fancy but it works.
Thank you David!


@DannyR - that’s great! You’ll be shocked how fast that group starts to multiply. :slight_smile:

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any idea where it can be viewed now? i’m on the cusp of buying k.m. but need that one last push.

is the webinar still available for viewing?

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