Webinar by David Sparks on contexts

@MacSparky presented his concept on “working contexts”, and how to implement the idea via Keyboard Maestro.

Very good.

David shared a link - Working contexts webinar, by David Sparks


I fiddled with KM when I first bought the field guide a while back. After this webinar, which was fun, I got some useful Ideas and already tweaked a couple of David’s scripts. I intend on playing around with KM some more. Thanx to David and Rose.


Thank you @MacSparky. I just watched the replay and really enjoyed it. Gave me lots of ideas.
@RosemaryOrchard- sorry Mr Murphy messed up your plans but i what can you expect from 2020?

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Thanks @MacSparky for this workshop. I really enjoyed attending this and have been inspired by some of the great advice.

I’ll add my kudos to @MacSparky for a job well-done. This should certainly become a (semi-)regular event. And next time, @RosemaryOrchard can dazzle us with her fu.

Prior to the webinar, I purchased and watched the Field Guide. Highly recommended! If anyone is considering it but not sure, do it. I learned a lot of great techniques and I’ve been automating tons of simple tasks.

Keyboard Maestro is the second application I install after 1 Password. I have been using it for a loooong time. But @MacSparky showed me some new ways of implementing organizing macros. Nothing in the webinar was out of the reach of a newbie but it also challenged this old dog to learn new tricks.

Thanks for the love gang. Way more work went into that webinar than you’d think. But now that I’ve done one, expect more, with fewer mistakes. :slight_smile:

I think the next one will be on Shortcuts … ideally a walk through on the iOS 14 features. Now if I only knew when Apple will release it.