Weekly Reminders

Is it possible in to set up a weekly reminder that always shows up on Tuesday and not a week from the last time that I deferred it in Reminders?

You can set a reminder for f.e. every week on Tuesday, at least on Catalina and iOS13
I use that for my weekly runs (set to every Friday, Sunday and Wednesday)
Have not seen any issues with that yet.

create a task -> press the i at the end of the line -> choose repeat -> custom -> choose the option you want there

Good to know. Thanks.

I haven’t upgraded yet because there are things that I rely on that always lag behind.

It should work on Mojave and iOS 12 too

Not that I can figure. I can set up a reminder to start on a date and recur weekly. If I defer it a day, then it shows up a week from the deferred date.

In 2do, I could set up a reminder that notifies me every Tues(based on the day of the week, not the date) and isn’t offset if I defer it.

I thought that this had been fixed, and maybe I’m just setting it wrong, but now my Tues reminder is showing up on Wednesday.

Looks like the trouble might be in a third party app that I’m using to access Reminders on my phone.