Weird Behavior - How to Explain

hey MPU,

I am not sure how to explain this behavior. I am working on a project currently, so I am constantly downloading files and have Hazel sort it for me and then I begin working.

Odd Behavior 1 - When the files hit the Download folder, there’s a hazel rules that moves them to other folders based on file extension. There’s almost a good one minute delay where I can see on Finder that both files are listed on the source and destination folder.

Odd Behavior 2 - I use the Meta app to rename files, id3 tags, etc. I will rename bulk files (max of 10 at a time) and it takes another good minute until the files begin to rename one by one after pressing enter.

Is there any way I can try to assess and see what’s going on?

  • I don’t typically reboot my mac mini (m1)
  • It has the max I was able to purchase 16GB
  • I keep most apps open that I am working on for the day open (Safari, Chrome, Omnifocus, WhatsApp, DevonThink, Goodnotes, 1Password, Spark, Slack, Craft, Discord, Ulysses, PDF Expert, Drafts, Pocket, Transmit, Meta)

Is this a Facebook related App?

Do you had a look into the Activitymonitor, to have a look for your CPU and RAM load, and if maybe a process got stuck?

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I’ve seen some delay occasionally in file changes I’ve made not showing up immediately in a Finder window (M1 MacBook Air running macOS Monterey). The Finder window always “catches up” but it is a little disconcerting for a moment.

I put it down to a design pattern called “lazy evaluation” where a programmer attempts to speed up a larger process by caching intermediate results and only updating when actually needed. It’s an optimization that doesn’t always work.

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Have you asked the Hazel question on the Noodlesoft forum? The developer (and other users) are very helpful in explaining how to resolve errors and troubleshoot problems with Hazel rules. Michael’s knowledge of macOS is very deep.



Following on from what @Ulli said: How much swap are you using? Since you don’t often reboot, maybe try that and note whether the behaviour persist if after a reboot?

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Not a Facebook App

Meta is a Music Tag Editor

This morning - not sure what fseventsd is exactly?

CPU Offenders

I don’t think it’s a Hazel issue, I am beginning to see this sluggishness overall now.

A guess: Files System EVENTS Daemon

It is a process that watches for changes in the filesystem. That it is using 99.9% of the CPU would be consistent with the slow downs you are seeing.

I agree with ACautionaryTale that a reboot is in order. I suggest you give it a try and see how the CPU load changes.


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Great minds … :slight_smile:

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agreed to others have mentioned. Just want to add that watching Activity Monitor may also offer some clues