Weird behavior on 2017 iMac ; how to get rid of cruft

So my iMac (2017 iMac running Ventura 13.6) has been showing some weird behavior

  1. Intermittently Bluetooth accessories (trackpad/keyboard) need to be plugged in to work even though they are charged; this seems to resolve with resetting the SMTP (unplugging for 15 sec).
  2. More recently it seems to “forget” all of the permissions I have given for apps (e.g. Full Disk Access for Dropbox). When I go to Accessibility there are no apps listed. When I try to add them I go through the dialogues and everything seems fine, but nothing gets added. SOMETIMES, when I reboot, everything is back to normal.

I run CleanMyMac regularly but it doesn’t seem to help.

I suspect there are some rogue plist files somewhere. Now that Sonoma has left this machine behind, I can’t rely on a new OS installation to address these issues.

Short of a “nuke and pave” of reinstalling for a back up, is there anything else I can do?

I see much the same, esp the permissions being forgotten. i had a failure of the SSD disk that was fixed by reformatting—confirmed to be a fix at Apple Store with diagnostics. Need after full new macOS (Ventura) and data recovery from TimeMachine still see the permissions forgetfulness. When it happens Inteboot and on second boot seems the permissions are remembered.

I have not found a solution.

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If you want to test your theory of hardware software causes, you could create a new User Account and see if the behavior changes


CleanMyMac … doesn’t seem to help

IMHO CleanMyMac doesn’t help anything, so I’m not surprised.

Short of a “nuke and pave” of reinstalling for a back up, is there anything else I can do?

IMHO (again) a nuke and pave is your best bet. I’m not aware of any other way to get rid of corrupted / disused remnants such as plist files, except in the few cases where you know which artifacts are causing the problem.