Weird desktop display

Since the last MacOS update the desktop on my external monitor is shifted downward, it happens mostly after the MBP has been sleeping. Can’t even get to the dock.

The MBP is connected to a CalDigit T3 Plus thunderbolt dock and my LG display into the dock. If I unplug the thunderbolt cable from the MBP and plugin it back in it rights itself.

Any ideas?

what happens if you try a different resolution?

Try plugging the monitor into your MBP directly. If that works and you have a spare port you are golden.

I do have spare port but I bought the CalDigit hub so I’d only have to deal with one quick cable in/out when I move around the house. Something I’m doing even more now to save my sanity!

Good idea though to do temporarily as that would take the hub out of the equation and could identify that as the problem. I’ve checked the hub firmware and I’m up to date.

It’s odd, since the last small Catalina update last week I’ve had loads of display issues. Including for some reason it kicking into
HDR mode which looks like a new option in the system prefs.

Will try this too next time it happens today. Thanks.

This screen craziness continues. The fastest way to reset it is to go into system preferences and toggle the resolution for the external display as @JKoopmans suggested.

If you connect the monitor directly, does it then also have this behaviour?
Other option: is there anything else connected to the dock that could interfere?

Seems to be ok with it connected directly. I’ve been in touch with CalDigit who say they have no idea but have escalated it.

Have you also tried an other cable? (could be a cable issue)

Yes the new HDR mode is a disaster here for my external monitor. I turned it off and submitted a bug report.

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Can confirm it’s not the hub. Still happening with the display directly connected by thunderbolt into the MBP :pensive: