Weird grey bar on the left / right of Mac screen when dragging to the edge

I feel like this is probably something incredibly obvious that I’m missing, but I’m stuck. Lately I’m seeing this large grey bar show up when I drag to the left and right sides of the screen. Pictured below on the left, over the menu bar. And since my menu bar lives on the left, this bar activates when I move the mouse over there to auto-show it - and the grey bar seems to absorb my mouse pointer and affect my ability to click on things. macOS Monterey, 12.4.

I thought it might be Moom or Keyboard Maestro or something like that, so I shut those down. Still shows up.

I’m fully expecting that I’m missing something obvious, and this is just a preference that’s set somewhere - can anybody clue me in?

Have you got Universal Control switched on. Or Sidecar?

It looks like that to me.

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Universal Control - that was it. No idea how that got turned on, but now it’s off. :smiley: Thanks!

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You probably have a cat, don’t you? :slightly_smiling_face:


We have a dog, but she doesn’t climb on my desk. :slight_smile: