Weird Internt Connectivity Issue

So in today’s stranger than fiction internet weirdness…

The broadband connection over at the guest house went off. It’s a fiber optic connection. Router was rebooted and still no fix. Called tech support. They couldn’t do anything remotely so sent out a repair crew.

The problem is that wasps had chewed through the fiber and broken it. There is an insulating shield on the fiber and the tech guys said that wasp damage is their most common repair issue. The wasps like the blue material and eat it breaking the fiber.

Cut off the damaged portions, splice on new bits and we’re good to go. Wasp were also in our main house fiber connection but hadn’t yet broken it. They sprayed some sticky something that the wasps don’t like but won’t hurt the cables into it.

Never would have guessed that wasps like to eat insulation and shielding on cables!


That is a strange one. Never heard that before.

Never heard wasps doing it, but we do have rodents chewing through cables. Ferrets chewed through the electrical wiring in my car some years ago until I changed the wires for ones that did not contain plant based lining. Seems some cable linings are made of cornflower, or contain corn based material. Apparently it tastes sweet. Might be that attracts the wasps as well?