Weird iPhone bugginess - help?

Hi, all! Thank you to the “hive mind” for help with my previous issue (Air Pods going “out of sync”). Now I’ve got a really weird one.

I’m running the latest non-beta iOS (14.6) on an iPhone 12 Pro, and watchOS 7.4.1 on a series 4 watch.

I have occasional bugs where my OmniFocus layout gets wiped out (data intact, but customizations to the “home screen” of the app revert to default and the badge settings change) and my Carrot Weather premium status disappears from the widget (it displays the “you need premium tier for this” but not the app (shows I do have a premium tier, and when I “restore purchase” the widget comes back).

But it got taken to a new level yesterday.

While I was working out, the phone and watch partially stopped communicating. Workout data (calories & exercise minutes) stopped syncing from watch to phone, and music / podcast (stock app and Downcast) stopped communicating with the watch (could not control playback from watch and “now playing” showed something that had been playing previously). Audio was working fine with AirPods Pro. Step counts, however, seemed in sync between watch and phone, but that could have been because the phone can also count steps (using Pedometer++ app).

I restarted the phone to see what would happen. When it rebooted, it got back in sync with the watch. Yay, victory! But… then it also showed me that an iMessage I had tried to send had failed, and a voice mail showed up from a call I had declined 40 minutes earlier.

Then, I noticed that (a) my wallpaper was messed up because it had reverted to “perspective zoom on” when it had been off (easy fix); (b) all my Today Screen widgets (a carefully assembled collection of stacks) had reverted to the default arrangement (kind of a pain); (c) my OmniFocus main screen arrangement and notification settings had reverted to default; (d) my Carrot widget, when restored, told me I needed the premium tier.

Any idea what might be going on?

Thanks for any insights!