Weird notification question

I have some calendar events with alarms. Usually the calendar notification is the “chime” sound, which is noticeable but pleasant.

Sometimes though I’ll get a notification for a calendar event, and it’ll be this piercing, loud sound - which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t wearing my headset.

I can’t figure out where to change this, or why this is happening. Anybody have any thoughts?

On IOS that can be changed in Settings/Notifications/ Calendar/Sounds

Update - found the issue. I have some events in both Calendar and Due for some reason, and it looks like Due was the culprit. Somehow with the multiple event notifications coming in near the same time I didn’t notice where the notifications were coming from.

As a random note, almost all of Due’s notifications are absolutely horribly piercing when being delivered over a headset. I wonder why they don’t have more less-obnoxious options?

Being obnoxious is Due’s whole raison d’être.


I love that it’s persistent. Just the ear-splitting high-pitched noises going directly into one’s ear via Bluetooth is very, very unpleasant.

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Several of the alert sounds do have at least one note that could be jarring at high volume, but some are so soft that I doubt they would get my attention at normal levels (I rarely use my AirPods). Have you got the Reduce Loud Sounds feature turned on?

Of the 50+ alert sounds available I’m currently using Interrupted Thinking for Reminders and Deepening Mystery for Timers.